25th Anniversary Celebration!

25th Anniversary Celebration

This spring marks 25 years since our congregation was founded, and we feel that it is very important to recognize this milestone.

Our celebration will consist of 2 events.

The first is at 6 pm on June 21st. It is a shabbat service during which we will recognize and honor members who have consistently given many years of their time and effort to sustain and improve the viability of our synagogue. Several names were proposed for this initial recognition. The Board of Directors unanimously selected the following 9 honorees to be the first group to be so honored:

  Barbara & Joel Aaronson

  Bob Birk

  Sheila & Sid Cohn

  David Feigin

  Bernie Huberman

  Jerry Kaplan

  Pearl & Ted Malos

  Fred Rothenberg

  Glori Young

A board containing 18 individual plaques will be acquired and these names will be inscribed. This leaves 9 additional plaques that can be used if and when future Temple Treasures are selected by the Board of Directors.

The shabbat service will be followed by an elaborate Oneg dinner that will be catered by Brent’s Deli.

The second event is at 3 pm on Sunday, June 23rd. All will gather in the Social Hall to pop the corks on bubbly and sing “happy anniversary to us” over an elaborate cake produced by one one of our members who is a professional pastry chef. Then we will all go into the sanctuary to enjoy a show by a terrific Jewish comedian. This event is open to members only, and they are encouraged to bring their children with them.

The entire weekend was made financially possible by donations from 3 generous members. We hope to see all of you at these 2 once-in-a-lifetime events. Our thanks go to the members of the committee who put in the time and effort to do all of the planning.