2019 Annual Meeting

JCO Annual Meeting – May 23, 2019

Call to order at 7:00 pm by President Alan Greenberg

Prayer by Miriam Rosen

Election of 2 Directors to a 2 year term on the Board
There are 2 nominees who are running unopposed. 
They are Elizabeth Hollon and Cecilia Starin.
David Cohn will supervise the election.

Review of the past fiscal year - June, 2018 thru May, 2019
By the President

Committee Reports (Non-BOD members are invited to ask questions at the end of each report)

Finance– Andrew Snett
Religious– Sheila Cohn
Social Action - John Gottesman/Sandy Grotsky
Membership– Larry Steingold
Helping Hands - James Osher
Facilities– Alan G.
Publicity– Sharon West
Security - Tony Hirsch
25th Anniversary - Joyce Steingold

Good & Welfare

Comments by ALL on any subject, even non-JCO subjects; could be serious or light. Could be suggestions, questions, etc. 

Seating of the new Directors of the Board.
The 2 elected members will take their seats on the Board