Beck Honor Service

June 29, 2018‚Äč

It was hoped that the Shabbat service last Friday evening was going to be a very special one. It actually turned out to be better than anticipated. Rabbi Lotker was on the pulpit, there were 40 people in attendance, and Bob Birk was there to provide some excellent music in his inimitable style with his guitar and his voice.

The highlight of the service was when we honored our fellow members, Barbara and Marvin Beck. Alan, our President, welcomed all of those in attendance and introduced the members of the Board of Directors. Then he described the scope of work that was done by the Becks. It included the art on the front wall, upgrading the ark, new fabric covers on the chairs, the piano bench, and the long overflow bench.

Alan presented them with a beautiful glass memento that was given by the JCO to the Becks "in gratitude for all they have done for the JCO". Then Barbara took the microphone and thanked every one that she could recall for their part in the project. Some of the people she thanked included Leslie Marcus, Barbara Hirsch, Bob Barnett, John Gottesman, and Alan. Following that, Marvin also spoke to those assembled. Then the Rabbi opened the Ark and blessed them while they were standing in front of it.

After the service everyone filed into the Social Hall where the tables were set and the food was all laid out for the Pot Luck dinner (last Friday of each month). There was quite a nice vibe during the dinner with folks visiting with each other, and in some cases getting to know people who had never been in our building before.

The Becks were absolutely thrilled with the entire evening, plus they were also happy that their daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren were there to witness the program and then to see how much gratitude was given to the Becks by the members. It was truly a great evening and one that will be remembered for a long time.

Many thanks to Sheila and Sharon for all the work they did to make the Pot Luck dinner a success.