Board minutes-Beginning January 2018

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – January 8, 2018

President Lynne called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

Board Members in attendance:
Lynne Goldfarb
Debby Finley Delamore
Alan Greenberg
Sylvia Raz
Miriam Rosen
Mario Cepeda
John Allen
James Osher
Jerry Hittleman

Opening Prayer
Debby led the Board in an opening prayer.

Approval of November 14, 2017 minutes. John moved, James seconded a
motion to approve the minutes. Board approved the motion by 8-0 vote.

Minutes from Finance, Social, and Social Action Committees
The Board reviewed the minutes from the Finance, Social, and Social Action

Treasurers Report
John presented the Treasurers Report. An increase in pay for the cleaning
person from $17.00/hr to $18.50/hr was approved by 8-0 – James made motion
and Debby seconded.

Update Regarding Rabbi’s Contract Review Committee
Debby gave the report:
• Rabbi Lotker would like to continue contract until May 2019, when he will
retire from JCO rabbinate
• Will lead one Friday night service per month
• Will continue to lead High Holy Day Services in 2018
New Rabbi search was discussed:
• Survey congregants through survey monkey to determine characteristics
of the new Rabbi.
• Refer to the Religious Committee and return to the Board
Debbie made a motion and Miriam seconded to accept the new terms of the
Rabbi Lotker’s new contract. Approved 8-0

Digital Files
John gave a report regarding digitalizing JCO important documents and files.
John will continue to compile the documents.

Ojai Studio Artists to use the Social Hall for 4 Mondays – 4th Monday of the
month 7-9 PM at $75.00 per session. $40.00 cleaning deposit required.

Bylaws Community Meeting
The Board discussed having a Bylaws Community Meeting for the JCO
Membership on February 12, 2018 after a JCO Board meeting. The Board
meeting will be at 5:00 PM and the Community Meeting will be at 7:00 PM.
Lynne made motion to approve the proposed changes to the Bylaws. Board
approved 8-0

John made motition to approve using the $6000 in the Budget for video
surveillance to hire an attorney to vet the proposed changes to the Bylaws. Board
approved 8-0

John made motion to approve the time and date for the Community Meeting and
Mario seconded. Board approved 8-0

Decertification of Non-paid members
The Board discussed potential membership decertification of non-paid members
if they do not pay membership dues by the next JCO Board meeting on February
12, 2018. Debbie moved to consider decertification at the February Board
meeting and Lynne seconded. Board approved 8-0.

Shabbat Services – Open/Close Announcements
January 12th: James
January 19th: Alan
January 26th: Debby
February 2nd: Jerry
February 9th: Debby

Adjourn Meeting
9:15 PM

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – February 12, 2018

President Lynne called the meeting to order at 5:08 PM.

Board Members in attendance:
Lynne Goldfarb
Debby Finley Delamore
Alan Greenberg
Sylvia Raz
Miriam Rosen
Mario Cepeda
John Allen
James Osher
Jerry Hittleman
Opening Prayer

Debby led the Board in an opening prayer.

Approval of January 8, 2018 minutes. Debbie moved, James seconded a motion
to approve the minutes. Board approved the motion by 9-0 vote.

Minutes from Finance and Social Action Committees
The JCO Board reviewed the minutes from the Finance and Social Action
Committees. A Habitat for Humanity event on April 28th at 125 N. Hayes Street,
Oxnard was discussed.

Review of Attorney Opinion and Invoice
The JCO Board reviewed the Attorney’s opinion/memo regarding the draft bylaws
and invoice for $2,090. Alan made a motion that was seconded by Debbie to pay
the Attorney’s invoice. The motion was approved by a 9-0 vote.

Review of Outstanding Dues
Most refuseniks have paid their dues and one members dues payment has
lapsed. Debbie moved and James seconded to declassify the lapsed member.
The JCO Board voted 9-0 to approve the motion.

Update on Plan to Hire a New Rabbi
The JCO Religious Committee to send draft process for selection of a new Rabbi
to the JCO Board for approval.

Restatement that the Seder must be Revenue-Neutral
Lynne to coordinate with Sheila regarding the 2018 Seder.

Schedule Date for the Upcoming Community Meeting
A Community Meeting Date was discussed that would occur prior to February 21,
2018. Ultimately, February 19, 2018, was chosen.

Adjourn Meeting
6:10 PM

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Special Closed Session Meeting
Minutes of Meeting – February 19, 2018

President Lynne called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

JCO Board Members in Attendance:
Lynne Goldfarb
Alan Greenberg
Sylvia Raz
Miriam Rosen
Mario Cepeda
John Allen
James Osher
Stacey Jones
Jerry Hittleman

Opening Prayer
Lynne led the Board in an opening prayer.

Review of Community Meeting
The JCO Board discussed input received from the persons in attendance at the
February 12, 2018 Community Meeting.

Review of Attorney Feedback Regarding the Draft Bylaws
The Attorney retained by the JCO Board reiterated that requiring a 50% quorum
for membership voting is legally valid.

Bylaws Action Item
John made the following motion that was seconded by Alan:
The JCO Board will end all work on amending the bylaws effective immediately
and the JCO Board will conduct an advisory election of up to eleven (11) new
directors at the Annual Meeting in May 2018. The JCO Board will meet
immediately after the election to validate the results.
The following clarifications were added to the motion:
• Any member can run for the JCO Board (including Board members whose
terms would terminate in May 2018)
• No quorum is required at the Annual Meeting for voting purposes.
• Every individual JCO Member in good standing has a vote.
• The voting process will occur as follows: Draft version
o The JCO Board will call for members to submit their name prior to the
meeting to have their name included on the ballot.
o The election will take place at the Annual Meeting to be scheduled for
the third Thursday in May 2018 (May 17, 2018).
o Ballots must be submitted by mail prior to the Annual Meeting or in
person at the meeting.
o The four (4) JCO Board members who have not completed their current
terms will be permitted to serve on the new Board without having to run
for election.
• The JCO Board approved this motion with 7 ayes and 2 abstentions.

Resignation Letter – Natalie Jones
The Board accepted a letter of resignation from Natalie Jones

Adjourn Meeting
8:30 PM

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Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – March 12, 2018

Treasurer John Allen called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM.

Board Members in attendance:

Debby Finley Delamore
Alan Greenberg
Sylvia Raz
Miriam Rosen
Mario Cepeda
John Allen
James Osher
Jerry Hittleman

Opening Prayer

Debby led the Board in an opening prayer.


Approval of February 19, 2018 minutes. James moved, Miriam seconded a motion to approve the minutes. Board approved the motion by 8-0 vote.

Minutes from Finance Committee and Treasurer’s Report

John presented the Treasurer’s report stating that no dues increase is recommended by the Finance Committee. Details regarding this and other items from the Finance Committee can be found in their minutes.

Rabbi’s Contract & Recruiting Status

The Rabbi’s contract was received by Lynne and it was determined that there will be funds available for guest rabbis, cantors, etc. given Rabbi Lotker’s limited schedule and reduced compensation package.

Report on “Board Member Roles & Responsibilities” Seminar

John reported on his attendance at a Non-Profit Board Responsibilities seminar he recently attended at Cal Lutheran. He reported that the California Corporation Code governs the JCO in accordance with the California Corporation Act. Non-profit board members should be aware of:

Financial information regarding the organization
Know what your insurance covers
Certain policies such as the organization’s “conflict of interest” policy

Approval of Bill from Schneiders and Associates – Attorneys

The JCO Board reviewed the Attorney’s bill of $1,820. Debbie moved to pay the bill and James seconded the motion. It was approved by a 7-1 vote.

Board Member Election Protocol and Review of Draft Ballot

The JCO Board reviewed the draft board election protocol and ballot. Several comments were made on the handout:

Revise preamble to state: The elected Directors will choose the Officers of the new Board
Only one ballot is issued per person
Either mail in or bring this ballot to the annual membership meeting
No replacement ballots will be issued

Board members had several comments were made on what is to be on the Advisory Election handout:

All adults (18 and over) who have paid dues….
Decided by majority those voting - candidates receiving the most votes from members for the number of slots available will be elected to the Board.
James: members to vote on mandatory 2-hour commitment to the Temple per year. The mechanism for enforcing this is to be determined.
John: add a question about whether or not the JCO should have membership voting

Friends of Friends of the Library Proposal

A request was made to put a small kiosk for a lending library was described by Jerry. John moved to approve and James seconded. The Board voted 8-0 to approve this motion.

Toastmasters Request to Use Social Hall

Mario described the Toastmasters request to use the Social Hall for monthly meetings. This item was tabled until the April meeting.

Sidewalk Repair

Mario described the need for repair of the sidewalk in front of the JCO. Alan volunteered to research the cost of implementing this repair.

Friday Night Service Announcement Volunteers
March 16 – Alan
March 23 – Miriam
March 30 – No Friday night service
April 7 - James

Adjourn Meeting 

8:36 PM



At the annual meeting held on the evening of May 17th, the following members were elected to the new Board of Directors for a 2 year term commencing on June 1st.

Andrew Snett
Sheila Cohn
Alan Greenberg
Tony Hirsch
John Gottesman
Jackie Sherman
Jackie Sherman
Sharon West
Larry Steingold

This was the first time in the history of the organization that the members voted for the directors.

A special survey item was on the ballot that asked the following question:

Are you in favor of the JCO adopting an unenforced policy that each member is expected to dedicate a minimum of 2 hours per year of
service to the JCO? This survey resulted in a majority of YES votes.

It is hoped that each member will volunteer to do something in the coming year. Some examples are to sponsor an Oneg at a Friday evening service, participate in one of the 12 committees, or suggest to the Board an event that you would like to see happen.

JCO Board of Directors Meeting
June 11, 2018
Summary of the Board Minutes

The meeting started at 6:30pm. All members were present.

Debby Delamore gave an opening prayer.

A motion was made and seconded to elect the following officers: Alan Greenberg, President, Tony Hirsch, Vice-President, Sharon West, Secretary, and Andrew Snett, Treasurer. This passed unanimously.

Alan reminded all about the protocol to be followed during Board meetings. 

Rabbi Search Committee: The minutes of the search committee were emailed to all members prior to the meeting and Sheila discussed them with the Board. It was suggested that we should try to have someone in mind before the High Holidays with a target start date of October 1. 

Finance Committee: Fred Rothenberg gave a report of the Finance Committee. Total collections last year averaged $541 per member. The dues collection process was described. The unrestricted cash balance at May 31, 2019 will be about $35,000. The expenditure approval process was described.

Alan discussed a grant offered by the Jewish Federation for $1,800 for educational purposes. We should expect to receive these funds in the near future. We can also apply for additional grants if they are used for the benefit of the Jewish Community at large. 

A list of potential necessities and building improvements was discussed.

Donations for events: There was discussion of donations vs. charging for our events that have no significant cost. Tony made the following motion that “We charge $10 or whatever you can afford, with a sign on the basket.” Tony accepted a change to the motion to $5, with a sign that a $5 donation would be accepted. Miriam requested that the sign state, “Suggested donation.” Tony accepted this. All were in favor of the motion by Tony. 

Sinking Fund: There was a discussion of possibly starting a Sinking Fund for unexpected occurrences, such as having to replace an A.C.

Calendar: Fred explained the protocol for the JCO calendar. Fred reported that if anybody has a Temple-approved event or is using the facility even if not JCO related, he will enter it in the calendar. 

Roster of Committees: Alan handed out a wish-list roster of committees and members. The plan is to firm up the chairs of all the committees, and then they will approach potential members. A detailed discussion of each committee ensued.

Use of Social Hall by non-profits:
There are two requests from non-profits to use the Social Hall - Ojai Youth Opera and Ojai Cares. There was a discussion of Ojai Cares three-day usage potentially requiring a cleaning deposit, which could be refunded.

Alan, as President of the Ojai Bridge Club, brought up their temporary use of the Social Hall while their usual facility undergoes renovations. Board members were cautioned about the rules regarding fees and possible impact on our property taxes. California assessor who enforces a rule about charging for use of public facilities. Larry suggested a donation from the Bridge Club to the Temple, that OYO use the Social Hall for free, and that Ojai Cares put up a refundable cleaning fee. This was informally agreed upon. Each entity using the Social Hall will have to provide an insurance certificate that meets the requirements of our insurance company.

Honoring Barbara and Marvin Beck: A motion was made and seconded to honor Barbara and Marvin Beck at a Shabbat Service. The motion passed unanimously.  

Executive Committee: Alan suggested forming an Executive Committee; Debby made the following motion: That the Executive Committee, consisting of the 4 officers, is authorized to make decisions in between meetings with a majority vote of that committee, and any results will be promptly reported to the board members. Further, that decisions will be undertaken primarily if time constraints require them. John O. seconded. After brief discussion this motion passed unanimously.

Handrail for Bimah: Alan wished to address Miriam’s request that a handrail be installed for the Bimah. The cost will be about $300, but a firm estimate will be obtained. According to Fred, if any expenditure is less than $500 or emergent, and 2 officers including the President sign off on it, then there is no requirement to have it reviewed by the Finance committee. Fred reviewed the various levels of expense and what the parameters are for each. 

Miriam’s List: Alan went over Miriam’s requests from the meeting on May 20. Some of them were addressed: $250 in cash will be provided per quarter for miscellaneous kitchen expenses. A suggestion box for members was approved as were workshops on health and aging, but the details have to be worked on. Miriam volunteered to present a list of decorum items for the Sanctuary. 

Culture Statement: Review and consider upgrading the culture statement. A committee was formed to do this that consists of David Cohn, Miriam, and Alan.

Recording of meetings: Debby suggested that we make video recordings of our meetings. Video-recording is impacted by the HIPPA Act, and everyone would have to agree to be video-recorded. After much discussion and several votes, the Board decided against recording the meetings.

The Mission statement: Sheila offered 2 statements; one from the Bylaws that states…“The Jewish Community of Ojai is established to support Jewish Activities, etc.” Alan suggested that we create a new Statement that is very brief, to the point, and catchy.

Robert’s Rules: Debby mentioned that now that the meeting is coming to a close, we should discuss utilizing Robert’s Rules and requesting that we distribute her handout. Larry requested that he also be permitted to pass out his handout. Both were passed out. 

Alan’s Closing Remarks: Topics discussed included email protocol, Board representation at Shabbat services, name badges and other housekeeping items.

The meeting was adjourned at 9: 05 PM.

Sharon West, MD

Beginning June, 2018, we began condensing the actual Board minutes for the website. If you'd like to see a copy of the actual,detailed minutes, please send us an email by clicking here...
July 9, 2018

President Alan Greenberg called the meeting to order at 6:33 PM. All Board of Directors members were in attendance except for Debby. The meeting began with a prayer by Miriam Rosen.

The President’s general comments: He expressed appreciation for attendance of the Board members at the service honoring the Becks. Two committees are currently inactive, Youth and Strategic Planning. The Program committee lacks a chair.

MINUTES: Tony requested a formal acceptance of the minutes. There was a discussion of the email acceptance procedure, but the minutes need to be approved formally at the meeting. Alan then said, ”If there is no objection, then the minutes are approved as last written and presented to the Board members by email.” Fred mentioned that he had put only the highlights of the minutes on the website.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Tony asked for a report from the Treasurer, primarily to provide a Balance Sheet.


FINANCE: Fred passed out a copy of his report (which previously had been sent to all members by email). 

Dues: Fred reported that 53 members had paid some or all of their dues as of June 30th. Alan offered that that number now stands at 63. The revised bylaws will eliminate the requirement for the Board to officially take formal action to remove members who have not paid their dues.

Facilities Improvement Fund: The fund would be established to beautify and improve various aspects of our facility. The concept is to personally solicit donations from a few individuals that will create a special fund amounting to approximately $25,000. A committee will be responsible to identify desired improvements and prioritize them. Then the cost of each item will be reviewed and the usual approval process will be followed. The Finance committee has approved this plan. It also had the backing of Tony.

General Information: The Finance Committee wishes to add 2 additional members and will approach some candidates. There is a procedure in place for dues adjustments, with Fred presenting each case to the Finance Committee for a decision.

RELIGIOUS: Sheila stated that most of this committee’s energy has been focused on finding a new Rabbi. Four Rabbis have been interviewed. She presented a sheet to the members showing how the committee evaluates each candidate by using a comprehensive scoring system. Each is aware of and has accepted the pay scale that we are offering. It is suggested to have a one-year contract and see if it is working with an option for the JCO for 2 more years. The final choice of the Rabbi is a Board decision.

AIR CONDITIONING: There was a discussion of the air conditioning. John G. said that we only have 5-ton units, and for this building we need 10-ton units. Alan is going to bring out our HVAC guy to check everything.

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Jackie reported they had their first meeting on July 7.
Planned events: Their first events will probably be:
1.A pottery class at Firestick Pottery (Robin Nahin’s studio) in August, 
2.A concert by Chris and Samuel in October, and 
3.A picnic in Soule Park in November.
Potluck: This committee will be responsible for the Potluck dinners each month; a Potluck is held the last Friday of each month.
Funding: The committee is requesting $1K from the Finance committee for potential expenses through the end of December. 

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: The committee met on Monday. We have 7 new members and have lost 5. We are up to 87 members.

FACILITIES COMMITTEE: Jeff Maxson installed the railing for the Bimah, which cost $119, not $500 as Alan had budgeted. The air conditioning issue needs to be addressed.

BYLAWS COMMITTEE: David Cohn gave the report. They have gone through all of the items that the previous Board was intending to incorporate into the bylaws during their tenure. They also reviewed other documents that addressed the subject. Their plan is to make the Bylaws short and have a separate set of Policies and Procedures that cover the practical aspects of administering the JCO. Tony stated that they should be ready to present their recommendations to the board by October or November.


CULTURE STATEMENT: David commented on his initial review of the culture statement. The committee has need for clarifications:

“Should the Culture Statement focus on Board behavior only or also on member conduct?” What is the purpose of the document? The current Statement is directed towards Board behavior. The general consensus was it should apply to both BOD and members.

“What is the goal of the Culture Statement and how could we determine if it is accomplished?” Jackie stated that respect is the key, “listening, not being judgmental; and not being rude.”

“Is a Culture Statement needed?” The answers to the foregoing questions will help determine whether a Culture Statement is needed. Further discussion ensued. There was no final decision.

INITIATING A FACILITIES IMPROVEMENT FUND: Alan commented that he has noted many things that need to be done to continue to beautify and improve our facility, but there is no money on the budget for these types of expenditures. Alan has raised $15K for this fund and the goal is $25K. This is different from a sinking fund, which is set up for a major unexpected expense. It is too early to consider a sinking fund. After the High Holy Days this will be revisited.

There was a discussion of the $1K requested by Jackie for the Social Committee. Fred stated that if we don’t have a budgeted item set up for social events, the Finance committee can still approve it, in which case the amount will add to the expense side of the budget.

John G. asked about the price quoted for the bid on the tree removal and planting and stated that we need an itemization of what will be done and at least 3 bids. 

Tony: “I make a motion that a Facilities Improvement Fund be approved and be managed by the Facilities committee and follow procedures approved by the Board.” John G. seconded this motion. It passed unanimously.

MISSION STATEMENT: Alan referred to his sample mission statement and asked the board to suggest substitute adjectives. Tony stated that the Board Meeting is not the appropriate time to consider a Mission Statement; a committee is more appropriate. An ad hoc committee was then formed of Miriam, Sharon and David.


 ATTENDANCE ON SHABBAT: Alan suggested that we need to implement strategies to improve attendance. A suggestion was made to put a message on the website stating that if someone has an event to celebrate, they could offer to do an oneg. Sheila pointed out that it is already on the website and for anyone interested to call Sharon. No one has called. Either way the sense of it is that the effort should be made to have a different member sponsor the Oneg every Friday, and a record should be kept of the participation.

Alan brought up a company that sends an email to a member as a reminder for a yahrzeit. The cost is $250 a year. There were many questions, including if our information would be kept confidential; what kind of track record does the company have, etc. The consensus of the board is that Alan will gather further information and come up with a proposed written agreement.. Their website is

RENTAL TO A CHURCH: Larry brought up a request by a church to rent the Sanctuary for their Sunday services. Alan stated that if we wanted to rent on a regular basis, we could make a considerable amount of money. He volunteered to talk to the tax assessor in person and find out exactly what the impact on our property taxes would be if we promoted rental activities. 

Miriam brought up several items: we need a fire-proof safe to keep documents, minutes, etc. She asked if we received the grant from the Jewish Federation. Alan explained that it comes in increments, and will be paid at a rate of $180 per month beginning next month.

SHARON’S PROPOSAL: Sharon presented the idea of a program about Arthur Szyk to be held in conjunction with the Federation. This would be moderated by Irvin Ungar, a former Rabbi. Rabbi Ungar’s fee is $1,000 plus transportation, and Sharon suggested that we bring in the Federation and/or TBT to share this expense. There was no objection to her proposing this to the Federation.

GOOD & WELFARE: Alan reviewed his wish list of items that he had presented to the Board at our meeting on May 20th, and noted that, of the 20 items on the list, most are either completed or are well underway. 

Having no further Good & Welfare, the meeting was adjourned by Alan at 8:41pm.

The following committees provided written reports to the Secretary, which are filed with these minutes. Finance committee reports were emailed to the Board.
1.Finance committee (All members were also provided with a synopsis)
2.Rabbi Search committee (all members provided with a copy)
3.Social committee 
4.Facilities Improvement Fund
5.Culture Statement committee

Sharon West, MD, Secretary

The August 13 meeting was called to order at 6:41pm, with all members present except Jackie. Other JCO members present were Sid Cohn and David Cohn.

Debby led the group in prayer.

A motion was made by Tony to approve the minutes of the last meeting; this was seconded by Debby. The motion passed unanimously.

Finance Committee: Andrew gave the Finance Committee report:
a.Dues: The dues collection process is continuing as programmed. Anyone who does not make an initial dues payment by September 1st will be notified that their membership has lapsed. This is subject to BOD approval. 
b.The forecast for the fiscal year is a $6,000 loss, primarily due to a decline in membership.
c.Due to the generous donations of a few members, $20,000 is now available for paying for improvements to our facility. These funds are not to be used for the general operating budget.
d.$1,000 was approved for use by the Social Committee.
e.Reimbursement of $1,966 to Alan Greenberg was approved to cover for a variety of out-of-pocket expenses that he paid for.
f.A third bid is recommended for planting of 3 trees in our front yard.
g.Projected cash balance on May 31, 2019 is $31,000.
h.Next meeting is Wednesday, September 5th at 4:30.

Membership and dues: There was a discussion about membership. We lost 10 members over the summer but gained 10. Tony asked about the content of the various written notices that have gone out. Sharon suggested that members who have been longstanding might be given some consideration on dues. Alan will rewrite the final notice.

Facility Improvement Fund: Alan led the group on a tour of the building and grounds to point out items that need improvement: including bathroom floor, carpet on social hall walls, water fountain, land behind Temple and trees. 

Religious Committee:

HIGH HOLY DAYS: Security for HHD: The topic of security was discussed with emphasis on security and a helper task list.

Rabbi Search Committee: Two candidates have presented Friday evening services at JCO. Discussion involved the candidates and selection process. Sheila will meet again with the Search Committee this Thursday. Debby asked if we are taking the decision to the members; it has not been decided.

Social Committee: Planned events: Pottery class August 19 from 11-1PM at the Fire Stick Pottery of Robin Nahin The concert planned with Dr. Samuel DePalma for Sept. was cancelled because of his illness. On Sun. September 30, a BBQ is planned at Soule Park; Sat. Nov 3 is Karaoke night at JCO to celebrate Miriam’s Birthday.

Membership Committee: Met on Monday; reviewed members. There were 3 people who are not members mentioned as prospects; Sid said that Adamm Gritlefeld is planning to join.

Facilities Committee: John G. recommended using a Vapor Steam Cleaner for floors, which can be rented from Regency. We need 2-3 bids to get approval from the Finance Committee. It was decided to wait until after HHD.

Publicity Committee: No report.

Bylaws Committee: Tony reported that they need one more meeting to finalize the bylaws, which will be presented in October. The Policies and Procedures manual is also being worked on.

Program Committee: Several ideas were suggested. A decision was made to have a round table discussion about dreams. Richard Kline is very knowledgeable about this subject.

Mission Statement Committee: Three suggested statements were presented; the consensus was that they are all too long; the first one was the most favored. (The Jewish Community of the Ojai Valley is dedicated to Jewish worship, education and events, mutual support, community celebration, and acts of loving-kindness. Our goal is to preserve Jewish values and tradition.) The committee will confer further.

1.Planting of trees: Alan brought up the planting of three trees which would be paid for by the FIF fund. Tony moved and Larry seconded that we accept the proposal for planting three trees. Sharon recommended that we should plant in the winter. Sheila and Tony mentioned desert agriculture instead of a lawn with trees. Sheila said that we need room in the front yard for people to gather during HHD. Tony moved to table his motion, which he did after Larry agreed. Debby seconded the motion to table.
2.Tax Assessor: Alan visited him and has a lot of information. Due to time constraints, the discussion on actively renting our facility was tabled.
3.Yahrzeit Notification: Alan made the final proposal on the Yahrzeit notification plan presented by Compugene Software. A motion was made by Tony and seconded by Miriam to approve this plan for JCO, and the motion passed.

Next meeting, TUESDAY, September 11th

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm

JCO BOD meeting September 11, 2018

The meeting was then called to order at 6:39PM. Additional members attending included David Cohn and Fred Rothenberg.
A prayer was read by Miriam.

Minutes: Minutes of two meetings, August 13 and August 21, were approved. 

Treasurer’s Report: Fred gave the highlights of the treasurer’s report, which had been emailed previously to all board members.

President’s opening remarks: Alan was pleased at the result of the High Holy Days planning and execution. 

Rental Committee: Fred gave the report. This committee is deciding what the procedures would be for renting any portions of our property, and the difference between renters being categorized as a profit-making enterprise or a non-profit.

Religious Committee: Sheila reported that Rabbi Lisa Bock has signed a contract effective until June 1, 2019.

Social Committee: Alan advised that the committee is meeting on September 13th; a report will be sent by email to the BOD. Alan urged all to attend the picnic on September 30.

Membership Committee: Larry reported that we have 2 new members. With these 2 we are holding steady at 85 members.

Facilities Committee: Alan reported that the property is generally well maintained.

Publicity Committee: Sharon showed a copy of the ad that was placed in the Ojai Valley News for High Holy Days. Larry sends the schedule of services to the News each week. Alan suggested that the committee start putting together a new folded brochure about the JCO.

Bylaws Committee: Tony reported that they are basically done. They will send the BOD a copy and ask for a vote at the October BOD meeting. Fred interjected that, given the high level of membership interest in the Bylaws over the past year plus, we should give the congregation an opportunity to consider them. There was discussion about notifying members and having an opportunity for a meeting. It was agreed to send the Bylaws to all members and provide for those who have questions or suggestions to contact Tony and/or attend the next BOD meeting. Alan asked that David draft the text of the email that will be sent to the members along with the Bylaws draft.

Program Committee: An event has been planned for October 3 @ 7PM in the Social Hall, with Dr. Richard Kline leading a discussion on dreams. 
Debby pointed out that the Rabbi is available for follow-up classes on Wednesday or Thursday evenings that would be paid for by the Federation.. He has presented 10 portions of an 18-part course on an Introduction to Judaism, and he is willing to complete it. Alan asked Debby to pursue this.

Old Business:
A vote was held and the motion to plant one olive tree and 2 flowering evergreen trees passed 6 to 4. 

Review of Yahrzeit Notification Computer Program. Alan showed two sample email formats. After much discussion a format was generally agreed upon, Alan will have that sent to all BOD embers for final approval. 

Mission Statement: Miriam read 4 sample mission statements. No further action was taken.

Sharon brought up the need for a filing cabinet. Alan agreed to take care of the old records for now.

New Business: 
Alan asked Sheila to have the Religious committee take care of inviting members to sponsor an oneg.

The question was raised if we send any written message of condolence after a member passes. Sheila said that she does it and will continue to do so. 

The Publicity Committee will look into making a brochure.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:21PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon West, MD, Secretary

JCO Board Meeting, 8 October 2018

The JCO Board met on October 8, 2018. Sheila Cohn, Debby Delamore, John Owens, and Larry Steingold were absent. A quorum was established and the meeting opened at 6:32PM. Miriam led in prayer. The corrected minutes of the last meeting were unanimously approved.

FINANCE COMMITTEE: Andrew gave a report of the meeting: 84 members, dues are close to the approved budget with one member in arrears; there is no change in the process of approving Facility Improvement Fund expenditures; the present balance is $84,708. The next meeting is November 7.

Yahrzeit registration: It is disappointing that only 5 people have registered so far. Members are encouraged to register.

Attendance at services: Further discussion about improving attendance at Shabbat services included asking people to do the oneg. Tony suggested that people aren’t interested, and if you call them and they say “No,” they still feel bad. This topic was left for further discussion.

SOCIAL: Picnic: There was a good turnout, every member was called; 62 RSVP’d; 10 did not show up. They spent $450. 

RENTAL: Fred gave the report. They had a meeting on October 1st. The question is if they want to open the temple to general rental or wait until we can get a renter who is going to use the Temple on a weekly basis to provide us with enough revenue to meet or exceed our $3,000 property tax exemption. Tony suggested that we look into purchasing extra insurance so that we would not have to require it from renters. This was a well-received suggestion, so Andrew will inquire, since he is in charge of insurance. Potential renters:
1.A church would be ideal and would not have any impact on our tax exemption. 
2.A farmer’s market in our parking lot every week; Wed. or Thursday PM. Farmer and Cook might cooperate with us for that.
3.The Bridge Club was impressed with the space and could be interested, Mon. & Fri., 12-4PM. 

RELIGIOUS: Our new rabbi, Lisa Bock, will be conducting services on Friday.

SOCIAL: The report on the picnic was given; there is an event planned for November along with celebrating 3 members’ birthdays. Next spring is the 25th anniversary of the founding of our temple. The committee will come up with something special for this.

MEMBERSHIP: We have lost 11members; we have 13 new members, and a verbal commitment from 3 more. If all commitments are honored, we will have 89 members.

FACILITIES IMPROVEMENT: There are occasional meetings with ideas of how to spend the FIF. Sharon asked in what configuration the trees would be planted; Alan replied, one olive tree to match the existing one in the front and 2 flowering trees in the middle.

PUBLICITY: Announcement is sent weekly to the OVN for services; for the last 2 weeks the OVN has not published Religious Briefs.

PROGRAM ON DREAMS: A dream roundtable was held last Wednesday, led by Richard Kline and attended by 7 people. Everyone wanted another session so one will be held in early December.

DONATIONS: Fred asked if someone (Alyssa) keeps a record of donations in order to be sure people get a response for tax purposes. 
Suggested Procedure: A hand written note on letterhead, with a fool-proof method of keeping track of all names of donors. If $250 or more, one needs a letter. Fred agreed to look into this with Alyssa.

FINANCE PROGRAM, LITTLE GREEN LIGHT: Tony suggested we consider using Little Green Light program for our Temple. This gives the ability to send thank you notes, email blasts, etc. It is cheap; we could enter the 21st century. Tony will put together a LGL proposal and bring it to the Finance Committee.

BYLAWS: David presented the revised Bylaws for approval, subject to legal counsel. All suggested corrections have been addressed. There is a need to change the Articles of Incorporation that were amended in 2014. Item 4, which reads, “The corporation will have no members,” must be deleted as the members will now have a vote. A motion was made by Tony to adopt the report of the committee to accept the draft of the Bylaws dated October 7, 2018 as written and to change Articles solely by deleting Item 4. Sharon seconded. 
Tony then made a second motion: “ I move that the October 7, 2018 draft of the Bylaws committee as approved by the Board be sent to Stradling, Yocca, Carlson & Rauth, p.c., for review and comments.” Jackie seconded; the motion was approved unanimously.

MISSION STATEMENT: Alan would like for the committee to meet and try to come to a consensus. Members: Sharon, Miriam, David, and Sherrill will be joined by Fred and Alan. Sharon will coordinate a meeting before the next BOD meeting.

Rabbi’s course: Debby asked permission to post the Rabbi’s online course on our Weekly Blast. There was no objection to that.
Large Sign: Sharon raised a reminder to change the name on our sign. John G. volunteered to handle this.
Decorum in Temple: Miriam asked permission to bring in her Temple Decorum list to be reviewed. Alan said he would place it on the next agenda.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:26PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Sharon West, MD

12 December, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Alan Greenberg @ 6:35PM. All members were present except Secretary Sharon West. Alan took the minutes.  

Debby offered a prayer.

The minutes of the prior meeting were unable to be read or approved. 

Fred Rothenberg had sent out an email report of the December Finance committee.  
a.Dues collections are in very good shape. We currently have 96 members.
b.We should show a profit at year-end of about $4,000 based on current projections.
c.The committee approved the purchase of a package of expenditures requested by the Facilities committee. It consists of an additional A/C unit in the Social Hall; pack, ship, and install 6 chandeliers from Alan’s old shule in New Castle, Pa. (Alan to pay to purchase them); proceeding with purchasing and installing 2 stained glass windows (there are separate donors to pay for these windows); and pave the dirt section at the East end of our property. This will leave $4,000 unspent in the FIF fund.

Members Michael and Erika Swimmer have donated $3,000 to use for security upgrades or for any other purposes that the BOD sees fit.
Robin Nahin donated $1,000
Richard Ehrman has donated $250.
Thank you notes have been sent.
The steam cleaning of the carpets and pews in the Sanctuary has been completed.
Alan is requesting of David Cohn that he investigate the cost of purchasing a dozen tallises as we only have a few and always run out during the HH.

Sheila reported that the Hanukkah celebration at the Inn was a big success and that Rabbi Lisa did an excellent job. She also noted several younger children there and is going to come up with a suggested plan to hold an event at the JCO and send out emails to our entire list to see if people with younger kids will come. If such an event takes place, she wants to be able to talk to those who attend to offer free membership through the end of May. The BOD felt that would be a possibility. Sheila will report back to the Board.

Tu B’Shvat is coming up in January. The Federation has asked us to host it for Ventura County. Sheila will continue discussions with Cheri. If the trees are planted by then, we will include some type of blessing ceremony for the new trees. 

Sheila then requested additional budget funds for special or extra appearances by Rabbi Lisa. So far there has been the Memorial service and the Hanukkah event. Fred looked at the budget and declared that there is in fact $2,200 surplus in this line item, so we are in good shape there.

Alan reiterated his strong desire for the Religious committee to add a few more members and also for the committee to set up a phone campaign to arrange for each Oneg to have a member sponsor. They would only have to bring some fruit and a pastry of some kind, Sheila and Sharon will continue to provide the challah and set up the mini-wine glasses tray. Those who open/close will do the rest. After much discussion, Sheila agreed to supervise this program. It will start in January. Alan made it clear that if a member is asked to participate and does not wish to do so, then thank them for their time and move on to the next person.
Alan commented that he is not happy with the small number of sign-ups for the Yahrzeit program. He will get the total participation list at the end of the year and then will recommend what approach to take for the January BOD meeting.

There was no meeting this month. In January they will take up the challenge of recommending a special event commemorating our 25th year. Ona side note, the poker game organized by new member Kevin Davis at his house was very successful There were 9 players and $170 was raked from the pots for the JCO.

Larry reported that we have 24 new members since June and a net gain of 13. Alan added that additional dues realized so far, much of which was pro-rated, is $5,300 and for the next full year, the 13 net gain will yield $7,500 for 2019-2020. There was no Membership committee meeting this month.

Richard Kline lead a further discussion on dreams on December 5th. Only 3 other members of the Program committee were there. No outside attendees. Alan proposed a program revolving around the recent book "Under the Scarlet Sky". The book takes place during WW2 in Italy. The protagonist, Pino Lallo is a young boy who ends up leading Jewish people over the Alps into safety in Switzerland. Then his parents force him to join the German army in order to be safer. He becomes the aide and driver for the German General and his experiences during the rest of the war are remarkable. He ends up marrying an American and has 3 children in the USA. One of them, Michael, is in California, and he travels the country promoting the book, more as a hobby than for financial gain. He came to our home for the book review and it was a huge success. He has agreed to come to the JCO on March 3rd. The committee agreed to sponsor this appearance.

John G. announced a meeting for December 22nd. A new member, Mandy Cisler volunteered to join the committee. The other 2 members are Sandy and Evy.

Decorum in the Sanctuary: Miriam read from her list of behavioral guidelines again. There was a discussion of how we could make the members aware of these suggestions. She was not ready to make a motion, because, like us, she is struggling with the sensitivity of managing violators. Further discussions will be needed as to how this sensitive issue will be handled. There was a consensus to post a sign about cell phone usage.


Security: Security was discussed in general. Tony is the chair of this committee along with Jeff Maxson. He will start the ball rolling. He will bring in the expert from the L.A. Federation and pursue other avenues of interest. Alan cautioned….if you see something, say something.
FIF Fund: The Board was provided with a recommendation as to making 4 additional purchases (See Finance report above.) After much discussion the 4 items were voted on separately. 3 of them passed unanimously and the chandeliers issue passed despite 3 NO votes.

Plaques: Alan and David were not happy with the 40 or so plaques on the pews, because they sit at an angle and are not noticeable or readable. New identical plaques are being made that will sit on the top of the rail directly above the existing plaques. The BOD asked the Fund Raising committee Chair, David, to put out he word that additional plaques can be had for $100. Same with the Tree of Life.

Good & Welfare: Miriam would like to have a program about Rabbi Mike’s trip to Israel. Alan said that that is a Program event and Pearl is taking care of this. Debby asked that we poll the general membership about Security suggestions. The BOD did not agree with her suggestion. She then asked if it was possible to use some or all of the remaining money in the FIF Fund for security purposes. Alan said the FIF funds are strictly dedicated, and besides the Security committee has $3,000 to work with because of the Swimmers' donation. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted, 

Alan Greenberg, Pres. subbing for:
Sharon West, MD
Opening & Closing:
Assignments are as follows:
December 14 - Sheila
December 21 - Alan David
December 28 - Potluck, John O.
January 4 - Larry
January 11 - Debby

12 November 2018

The meeting was called to order by the president @ 6:42PM. Members absent were Debby Delamore, Jackie Sherman, and Larry Steingold.

Fred Rothenberg sent out an email of the Finance committee report prior to the meeting, and noted five highlights of the meeting of November 7.
a.We have 90 dues paying members as of October 31 and others have indicated that they intend to join.
b.Dues collections should be very near the amount budgeted for the current fiscal year.
c.We should show a modest profit by year-end.
d.The committee approved the purchase of a package of furniture and accessories for the social hall at an approximate total cost of $5,500 to be paid from the Facilities Improvement Fund. The committee requested that the Facilities committee prepare a complete list of future recommended purchases with estimates and priorities.
e.Steam cleaning of the sanctuary carpeting and pews was approved. 

Alan hired City Wide, who steam cleaned the floor of the social hall for $475.
David Cohn and our handyman from across the street added to the height of the carpet on the walls, thus protecting the walls from damage by the chairs. Alan brought Larry Wilde by to see our facility. He asked what we do about building up an emergency reserve fund for the building. Alan said we are considering starting such a fund for the first time. Larry pledged to start it off with $1,000.

Sheila reported. They have been getting good feedback about Rabbi Lisa. She wants to come early on Friday and meet with families, and possibly offer a Torah study before services. 
There are two children studying for a B’nai Mitzvahs. 

December 2 at 4:30 is the Hanukkah celebration at the Ojai Valley Inn. Bob will be there. 

Meat and Dairy: Sheila described how to resolve the problem of meat and dairy. Do one or the other. This met with the approval of the Board.

Increasing Shabbat Attendance. Alan is disappointed with the response to the Yahrzeit program.

Members on Religious Committee. Alan would like to see the religious committee add a few more members; especially ones who can assist with repetitive tasks.
Rabbi’s Friday Meetings: Sheila and Rabbi Lisa have been discussing how to implement the plan to have conferences with members on Friday.

There will be a meeting on Wednesday for final planning of the Karaoke night. There will be suggested donations for wine.

Alan reported great success in the last 4-5 weeks as we now have 21 new members. We lost 11, so we are at a total gain of 10. Alan & Valerie are hosting a dinner next week for 6 new members and 2 potential members.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Judy Devore approached Sheila to do a program at the Social Hall for older women who have problems dealing with their adult children. The decision was that if a person wants to do a program at the temple, they must submit a prospectus for the program along with their background information, and then the Board will consider it.

Feed the Homeless: John G. said that on the 1st Monday of the month in Dec., Jan., Feb., and March, we are scheduled to feed the homeless. Donations support his group. Presently the service is performed at St. Andrew’s Church.

Mission Statement: Sharon gave the report and read the mission statement recommended by the committee as follows: “To nurture an inclusive and compassionate Jewish community through worship, education, social action, and celebration.”

Decorum in the Sanctuary: Miriam read from her list of behavioral guidelines. There was a discussion of how we could make the members aware of these suggestions. Alan will organize and publish Miriam’s list for future consideration. 
Purchase Furniture: John G. made a motion to purchase the furniture package that Alan had submitted via email. Tony seconded it. The package includes a 3 seater with open sides, 2 matching chairs, and a coffee table. It also includes a 9x12 area rug and recovering of 2 of our existing arm-chairs for a total of $5,575. The motion passed.

Security: Miriam asked if the FIF funds could be used for security. Answer: That is a possibility. Tony described a camera system that could be purchased and installed for less than $1,000. Several other suggestions were given. Alan is attending the security seminar at the Federation in L.A. tomorrow. Alan appointed a Security Subcommittee, with Tony as chair, and Sharon and Jeff. 
Good & Welfare: Miriam would like to have a program about Rabbi Mike’s trip to Israel; Sheila will ask him. 
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.

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