Board minutes-Beginning January 2019
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The January JCO Board Meeting was called to order at 6:33PM on Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019. All BOD members were present except for Sheila Cohn and John Owens. Additional JCO members present were David Cohn, Valerie Greenberg, Sandy Grotsky, and Fred Rothenberg.

Prayer: Miriam gave the prayer.

Finance Committee: Fred had sent a copy of his report to all members. Debby asked where was the line item for a gift of Naida Cohn. Fred said that if there has been no activity in a line item for 1½ years, it is not on the report, but the money is still there. It was also clarified that the Contingency Funds are unrestricted. He also said that the less we use funds as restricted, the better. Regarding member dues, all have paid except a very few, and these have paid part.

Sharon asked if we would get a tax deduction letter for the donations for Contingency Fund. At present there is still no mechanism for sending these letters. Fred had mentioned the need for these letters at a previous meeting; later he and Andrew accepted the task of determining how such letters could be generated. The Contingency Fund now has $7,200 with 35 donors.

Rental Committee:
Fred also included this committee’s report in the email. There was active discussion about the categories of renters: Non-Member; Member and Life Cycle Event; and Member with other than a Life Cycle Event. Alan clarified that a Life Cycle Event is a religious event. The committee discussed all issues and the difference between renting the Social Hall and renting the Sanctuary. Issues involved are marketing, showing, contracting, collections, insurance verification, opening and closing, post-event inspections, etc. Alan said it wasn’t practical to find a member willing to supervise this. The Committee felt that unless someone was going to use the facility at least 4 times a year, it wasn’t worth dealing with. Debby asked if using the Sanctuary would have to go to a Board decision. Tony asked if we could come up with a list of things, ‘no-brainers,’ that would be automatic. If they are out of the ordinary they could be flagged to come to the Board. Alan asked if we wanted to modify the rental committee’s report; no motion was made and the rental committee will discuss further its recommendations at the next meeting, February 6. 

Fred then reported that Alan came to the committee with the idea of renting the Social Hall to the Bridge Club at $4,800 per year for 2 years. They need to use it Monday and Friday from 12-4 and out by 4:30. This does not interfere with Shabbat preparations, but it may interfere with the Rabbi’s Torah Studies from 4-5. This will be discussed in New Business.T ony asked what we will lose in property tax? Alan said there is no loss from his rental. Jackie asked if members can have a one-time event, to which Alan replied “Yes.” He also said that a non-life cycle event should be treated like a non-member. Fred said they could put together a list as well as a list of suggested organization types to whom to rent. Alan suggested we give the committee time to review these options. These considerations will be discussed at the next committee meeting on February 6.

Social Committee: Valerie reported about the social committee meeting; all members were present. They suggested an Oscar watching party for members only at no charge. They expect to spend their remaining $1100 in their budget. The Social committee agreed on the Oscar party. 

The committee is trying to expand to plan and execute the 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Temple. It will be held in late March. Valerie asked that the Board approve the concept of having an anniversary celebration, the date of same, and for the committee to seek funds from the finance committee. Debby made a motion to that effect. Miriam seconded it and it passed unanimously.

Program Committee: There is a book review scheduled for March 3rd on Beneath a Scarlet Sky, by Mark Sullivan. The son of the main character will present the review.

Passover starts on Friday, April 19, and ends on Saturday April 27. The Seder is scheduled for April 20.

Minutes: First there was a review of the minutes of December. A motion was made to approve the minutes of the December meeting as corrected; seconded by Jackie. The motion passed unanimously. Larry made a motion to approve the minutes from November; Tony seconded. They were unanimously approved.

Social Action Committee: Sandy then read the entire list of potential programs that the meeting generated. We need a budget for this committee. Debby said that Rabbi Lotker was very involved in interfaith and would be a good resource for interfaith activities. Sandy indicated that Mandy Cisler and Lawrence Joselowsky are interested in using the social hall to give programs. For the programs by Mandy and Lawrence, Tony would like to ask what is the GOAL of what they are presenting, and what are the objectives.

Tony made a motion to approve the report and recommendations of the Board. Miriam seconded; it was approved unanimously.

Membership Committee: Larry, Chairman. We have one new member family, Cecilia and Jeff Starin, who have two daughters ages 5 ½ and 7. We now have 97 members.

Larry asked if non-members may be on committees. David pointed out that there are no religious restrictions in the bylaws.

Facilities Committee: Alan reported that Ted is doing a good job on the inside, and Alan is caring for the outside.

Publicity Committee: Sharon reported on publicity for the upcoming talk on Civil Rights by Lanny Kaufer, January 23. She has placed a small ad in the Ojai Valley News; posted 17 fliers, sent emails to the 7 churches for which she has emails; and sent information and fliers to the Federations of Ventura County and Santa Barbara County. Fred has posted the event on the Temple Blast. Lanny requested $250 up to $300 in donations, after discussion it was agreed that JCO would keep any remainder. Total cost of publicity is $39.65.

Sharon brought up that there is no brochure for the Temple. She will work on it. The cost of this program was approved by the President (Alan) and the Secretary. There was discussion of approval of programs by the President and one Board member up to $500. Larry suggested to reduce it to $250. There was discussion of this, with the suggestion to only allow a certain number of non-Board approvals per quarter that do not exceed $1,000. Further review is to be done.

Program Committee: There is an important event on March 3; a talk about the book Beneath the Scarlet Sky presented by the son of the author. Sharon was tasked with publicity for this event.

President’s Remarks: Alan mentioned the culture statement that was passed in May 2017. It sets forth parameters of behavior for members of the Board. They must treat everyone with understanding and caring. If someone does something they don’t approve of it should be brought up person to person, not in an email to all Board members.

1.The Yahrzeit program is not producing enough sign-ups. Alan has offered to phone the membership and volunteer to sign up their dearly departed. He requested volunteers to assist.
2.Security Measures: Chair Tony said the first step is to have a meeting with the rep from the L.A. Federation to get his advice. He will set that up and invite Ted, Jeff, and Alan. After that, he will arrange a meeting with the Ojai police chief. It was noted that many of our Board members attended the school meeting at Matilija school on Jan. 14th.
3.Plaques: Alan asked if $100 was still what the Board wanted to charge for a plaque on the pews. There were come complaints about sharp edges on the new plaques. David and Alan will work on this. A chart showing the locations of the plaques will be available in the Sanctuary in a binder. 
4.Contingency Fund: $7,200 has been collected; most gave $100; two individuals gave $1,000, one $800, one $500.


1.Bridge Club: A request was made by the Rental Committee to obtain Board approval to rent the Social Hall to the bridge club. This is a self-managing group. Jackie moved that the bridge club be permitted to rent the Social Hall for 2 years with rent at 400 per month. Andrew seconded. It passed This is subject to review and approval of the lease by David and Fred.
2. Publicity Committee: tasked with publicizing the discussion of Beneath the Scarlet Sky on March 3.
3. Reduction of amount to be spent without finance committee review. The Bylaws state that the President and one officer can approve an expenditure of up to $500 without going to the Finance committee. Larry recommended the amount be reduced from $500 to $200. After further discussion
The Bylaws state that the President and one officer can approve an expenditure of up to $500 without going to the Finance committee. Larry recommended the amount be reduced from $500 to $200.  There was discussion. A suggestion was to limit expenditures of $500 to 2 times a quarter. Tony made a motion: The total of such expenditures cannot exceed $1,000 per quarter. This passed unanimously.
Good & Welfare:
a.Fred said there are no previously budgeted items, for example paper and supplies; everything is in a general fund.
b.Andrew appreciated the discussion about events to be held at the Temple.
c.Alan reported that at 5:30PM he looked at the app that controls the temperature, and the room temp was 61. It was comfortable when the meeting started. For this, convenience, he thanked Jeff for installing it.
d.Miriam brought a sign, “Please refrain from using cell phones in the Sanctuary.” It will be framed and put in the hallway and lobby.
e.Miriam is working on the Decorum for the Temple. She also will take up with Sheila some topics she would like to present during services.

The meeting was adjourned at 9PM.

JCO Board Meeting 2019-02-18

The Board Meeting was called to order at 6:41 pm by President Alan Greenberg. All BOD members were present except Larry Steingold. Additional members present were David Cohn, Sid Cohn, Fred Rothenberg, and Marion Weil.

A prayer was offered by Debby, who asked that each BOD member express what is in their heart.
The minutes of the meetings in December, 2018 and January, 2019 were approved.

Fred gave the report. Highlights include: 97 members; net income projected for May 31st is $5,000, $7,000 was raised for the Contingency fund; Facilities Improvement fund collected $20,500 with $1,100 remaining uncommitted. Passover Seder budget has a deficit of about $1,000. It is recommended to amend the check writing process. The FYE2020 budgeting process is underway.

Jackie gave the report. The Oscar party is the 24th of February at 4:30. So far 44 people have RSVP’d. The phone committee is in the process of calling about 50 members. The Social committee is undertaking the planning of the 25th Anniversary and has added 4 additional members to this committee. The celebration will be in June, and the next 25th committee meeting will be on March 4th at 4:30 pm.

The Finance committee would like to get input from the heads of committees as to what amount of money they will need for the coming year. The next meeting is March 6th. The provisional budget will be presented to the Board at its March meeting for comments and suggestions, and the committee will return in April with a final recommended budget. Dues invoices will be sent out in May; so any changes in the dues need to be approved in the May BOD meeting.

The committee recommends that the following types of organizations are preferred as potential renters of our facility:  
Community non-profits
Local businesses
All organizations must have characteristics that do not conflict with JCO’s mission or ethics. Exceptions to the general rule or the types of organizations noted above shall be reviewed and must be approved by the Board.

There has not been a meeting as most members have been too busy.

Larry is out of town. There was no meeting this month because of Alan’s surgery..

Alan reported that Ted and Jeff came to Temple Tuesday to help receiving and unpacking the boxes of new furniture and disposing of the packing materials. The table is missing in transit, and if it is not found, it will be replaced. 

Sharon gave the report, which she had emailed to the members. Lanny Kaufer's talk resulted in a final cost of $40. She added Miriam Rosen and David Cohn to the ad hoc committee to develop a color brochure of the JCO. She described an event with Rabbi Irvin Ungar to discuss the art of Arthur Szyk. It is being coordinated with the Federation for April 13th at 7:30 pm. Funding for this program will be from the Federation Grant of $1,800, which expires at the end of this fiscal year.

Alan recommended that we all read Beneath A Scarlet Sky prior to the March 3rd event. No other programs are currently scheduled.

Tony reported that Jason Periard, who is in charge of security for the Los Angeles Federation, will make a site visit on April 3rd, when he will tour the facility and make suggestions. There is an annual community security meeting on April 11th in L.A. Tony is unable to attend, but suggested that a few of our Board members attend.

Sheila is looking into youth education classes as we now have several children who are interested. She will keep working on this. Pearl and Ted are assisting. They are having a meeting with parents on February 27th. 

Rabbi Lisa’s contract expires in June, and Sheila requested that the BOD approve a one-year renewal. Tony made a motion to extend her contract for one year, and Debby seconded the motion. It passed unanimously.

The High Holy Day cantor will again be Casey Solo; her fee is $1,000. 
The Friday night band is being revived with Bob Birk in charge.
Oak Grove School asked to borrow Tallisim for their production of Fiddler on the Roof. Sheila agreed to provide them.

SEDER: It is scheduled for Saturday evening, April 20th. 

Tony mentioned that the Nightingale Ball asks for sponsorships at different levels, and we should do the same for our Seder.

Tony asked if anything is happening at Matilija after the human swastika incident and the community forum in January. Sheila with Sarah Bebe (an activist who works on issues), Rabbi Mordy and herself are following up. 

Debby had a lingering question as to whether or not the new plaques on the pews had been approved by the BOD. Several responded that the BOD had approved it. She also said she believed that there was a cost overrun of about $100. Alan stated that the expected expense was about $500, but the bill ended up being about $650, which was more than he had expected.

Miriam stated various comments.

Alan passed out an informal accounting of funds that have come in or have been committed to the JCO during this fiscal year and next fiscal year. 

Sid talked about his interest in presenting a program on tolerance or having someone give it on his behalf. 

The next Board Meeting is March 11th at 6:30.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40PM.

Sharon West, MD, Secretary

Minutes accepted as corrected on ______________________/____________________
Sharon West, MD

JCO Board Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2019

The meeting was called to order by the President at 6:37PM. All BOD members were present except Debby. Other members present were Sid Cohn, Evy Rosen, and Fred Rothenberg.
A motion was made, seconded, and passed to approve the minutes of the February BOD meeting. 

Social Action Committee: 
John G. introduced four potential programs: a yard sale, an Interfaith Education program, a suggested program with a motivational speaker, and a program on White Privilege. 
Yard Sale: This would give its revenue to the School on Wheels. They provide tutors to students ages 7-18 who are either homeless or have been sexually trafficked. A date has not been set.
Interfaith Education program: This would be open to the public. There would be a panel of a Rabbi, a priest, a protestant minister, an interfaith pastor, a Moslem, a Buddhist, and a Hindu. A 2 hour session is anticipated.

Motivational Speaker: Sharon knows Peggy O’Neil, who is a nationally famous motivational speaker. She will inquire about the price.

White Privilege: Mandy Cisler and Loselowsky described their proposed program on White Privilege. Alan asked them to come up with dates, and that they try to strategize as to how to get people to show up. 

Opening Remarks by the President:

Air Conditioning: Alan pointed out the new air conditioner, which also has a heating function. 
Chandeliers: The chandeliers are on the road. It will be a challenge to install them. We have a reliable electric company, which gave us a very good price. 

Art: Pamela Grau’s art is up and Alan will have a thank you note sent to her. He has called our insurance company to insure them. 

Insurance: the stained-glass windows are insured for $7,000 each. No one can steal them, but they could damage them. Insuring them costs $273 per year. 

Members: Over the last week we have gained the 99th and 100th members. Rick and Debe Bloom and Brauna and Skip Walsh. 

Finance Committee Report:
Please refer to the report sent out by email by Fred previously. As of Feb. 28, there were 97 members. 2 members are delinquent in dues. The annual projected profit is about $2,000, not including $7,400 donated to the Contingency Fund. The Passover Seder budget shows a deficit of about $1,000. A member has volunteered to eliminate this deficit. Sharon made a motion that we accept the budget from the Finance Committee for FYE2020. It was seconded by Jackie and passed unanimously. 

It was asked if we should consider mailing the Blast instead of online. Fred asked if we have a Fundraising Committee. Yes, David Cohn, Alan, and John O. are on it. Fred offered to participate.
Miriam mentioned that we get $1,800 a year from the Federation. Alan said that yes, they give us money, but they expect us to tell them precisely what we do with it. 

Sheila thinks that we give away too much for free. We need to have a donation jar out for all events. People like to pay for something. She asked the BOD to vote on this and in some cases ask for a small entry fee. Alan stated that he is on the other side of Sheila's opinion. 

The next Finance Committee meeting is April 3 at 4:30 in the Social Hall.

Rental Committee Report: Alan has a potential renter to use the Social Hall 10 times this summer. He quoted $200 per session (2 times a month). That would be a minimum of $2,000. Alan showed her the room and is waiting for their decision. 

Social Committee: Jackie reporting. There was a very successful Oscar party. 53 people attended. Alan stated that the Social Committee exceeded its $2,000 annual budget by $250. They did a lot of work and got a lot done, and he thanked them for a job well done.

Religious Committee:
Purim: Sheila reported that there will be a fun Purim celebration on March 22nd. The Rabbi and Bob will do the service. 

Seder: The Seder committee is looking for volunteers for the Seder. Sheila wants to give priority to members to sign up until a certain date, and then have it open to non-members. There is a limit of 116 seats.

Religious School: Sheila has found a teacher, but we need more students.

Facilities Committee: Alan gave the report. The building is in good shape; we now have greenery on the El Roblar side. The trees will be planted as soon as the ground dries out.

Publicity Committee:  Sharon gave the report. There were 65 attendees (all but 18 were non-members) at the presentation of Beneath a Scarlet Sky by the son of Pino Lella, the main character in the book. The upcoming review of the Art of Arthur Szyk on April 13 by Rabbi Ungar will be similarly publicized. The annual listing of the JCO in the Ojai Directory churches section has been renewed.

Program Committee: Alan reported that the committee has no further events between now and the end of FYE2019

Old Business:
Security: Tony reported that on April 3rd, the Federation's security advisor from L.A. will be here to meet with Alan and Tony. On April 11th there will be a major security conference at the Federation in L.A. 
School district situation: At the last meeting Tony said that we need to position ourselves as the face of the Jewish Community. So Alan contacted Dr. Sherrill Knox, assistant superintendent of the school district, to set up a meeting with her. It went well.

Youth Education: There is a potential for youth education. Three families are interested.

BOD Election: We need to prepare for the BOD election, which is in May as per the Bylaws. There are 2 BOD seats up for election. The annual meeting letter with a ballot needs to be mailed in early May. 

Side parking lot: Miriam suggested repairing the side parking lot. Alan obtained one bid; it is for $10,000. Miriam might call for other estimates, and can give Alan’s phone number to the contractor.

Two-drawer file cabinet: Sharon asked about the two-drawer file cabinet, which was requested several months ago and has not been purchased. It could be stored upstairs. 

Program on Art of Arthur Szyk: Fred said that using the grant money from the Federation requires BOD approval. Sharon said that she had discussed it with Cheri DeKofsky and understood that the money would come from our grant money. 

Rabbi’s Torah study: This is not well attended. Alan understood that the Rabbi would also be meeting with different members on the Fridays she comes to us and asked if she has met with some members. Sheila said yes, but that whom she meets with is confidential. The Rabbi Review Committee consists of Sheila, David, Fred and Debby, and they have been meeting. Fred offered that there is $2,500 in the 2019-2010 budget for extra services of the Rabbi, for example, the Seder or unexpected events. 

The next BOD meeting will be at 6:30 pm on April 8th.  
Alan adjourned the meeting at 8:28pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon West, MD