Board minutes-Beginning January 2020
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JCO Board Meeting Minutes 2020-01-13

The meeting was called to order at 6:35. With 6 members present, there was a legal quorum. Absent were John Gottesman, Elizabeth Hollon, John Owens, Larry Steingold, and Jackie Sherman. Member at large present was Barbara Hirsch.
Sheila gave the prayer.

Finance Committee: Andrew gave the report. Fred’s notes of January 8 were distributed to the BOD prior to the meeting. Highlights were reiterated.

Religious Committee: Sheila gave the report. The meeting with Rabbi Lisa and Bob Birk has not taken place, but they did have a phone conversation.

Social Action: There was no report.

Membership Committee: Alan gave the report. The Heller's have moved to Santa Barbara and withdrawn their membership. A Membership meeting will be held within the next 10 days.

Facilities: Alan reported. 
1. The new olive tree died; it will be replaced at no cost to the Temple. Sheila suggested that the new tree be planted on February 10, Tu BiShvat. However, the tree is scheduled to be replanted this week.
2. Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend is close to finishing one of the two new stained glass windows and thinks that the other one will be finished in the next few months.

Security Committee: Tony gave the report. A parent of one of the Hebrew school students has inquired of Cecilia about our security measures. Tony asked Cecilia to refer the parent to him for discussion.
Alan reported on the state-funded security grant that we have applied for. JCO requested less funding than the great majority of successful applicants in 2018. (approx.. $60K vs. $100K. awardees have not been reported as yet.)

The monitors are working well; Alan is training each one their first time.  
Program Committee: Cecilia reported that the second session of Hebrew School will start on January 23rd.

Contingency fund: Alan gave the report. Over $9,000 has been donated, up from last year’s $7,200. Another $1,000 has been promised by a single donor.There was a discussion of the reminder emails that went out to persons who had not donated. The message should have included………"If you have already contributed, please accept our thanks and discard this message.

Samuel De Palma concert: This is scheduled for 26 January at 2:30 pm. The recommendation of the Finance committee was to approve the concert and refer the final decision to the Board. There is a budget of $1,900. The Temple will pay for ½ of this and Alan guarantees the other 1/2 if ticket sales fall short of $950. 

The BOD in an informal show of hands approved the Concert and the financial plan. The concert will focus on Broadway show tunes. De Palma will also sing Avino Malkeinu and God Bless America (with the audience). Alan is in charge of the publicity. He showed the BOD the poster created by Sandy Grotsky, which will be circulated in Ojai. There will be 2 ads in the OVN and an article in the paper. Tickets $20; free for members.

Love Letters: Sharon brought up the 2 person play, which will be held on Feb. 23 at 2:30 PM. Ads will be placed as well as posters and an article in OVN.

Sconces: The Finance committee approved the requested expenditure; the BOD needs to approve them. This is the last thing to do for the improvement of the Temple except for the new stained glass windows. Cecilia moved to purchase and install the sconces; Andrew seconded. The motion passed unanimously. 

Parking area on north side of the Temple: There was discussion about repaving for security reasons, as a person could easily trip and be injured. At a cost of $7,000 to $9,000, separate money would have to be found. Gravel was suggested as an alternative. An estimate will be obtained for gravel.
Carpet: There is a small hole in the carpet leading to the Bimah. Alan is aware.

Seder: The Seder is April 11, 2020. Sheila reported on the conclusion to not have the Seder in our facility with a tent because of increased security exposure. There was discussion of available sites. The final decision was to use the Greenberg Activities Center at OVS, Lower School. Alan will check with Gary Gantrell, Head of School. Sheila and Barbara will check with Gina Sandoval about catering.

Good and Welfare: The Temple is scheduled for March 28 for the dessert event of the Ojai Valley Museum’s annual dinner. Desserts will be finger food; coffee and tea will be served. All will be offered to tour our building.

Minutes: Sharon moved to approve the minutes of December 2019; Sheila seconded. This motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Sharon West, MD
Attached: Finance reportSecretary