Temple Board Highlights...
beginning January, 2014

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K'hilat Ha'Aloneem Board of Directors met on January 13, 2014 at K'hilat. Present were president Sheila Cohn, Secretary Margo Haas and Directors, Susan Kapadia , Phil Moncharsh, Naida Cohn and Sandy Grotsky.

Sandy Grotsky made a motion to approve Minutes of November 11,
2014. * Phil Moncharsh second. Unanimous approval.
(*No Board meeting held in December, 2013)

Sheila Cohn reported that Hebrew School is going well.  

Adjustment of Bylaws. Phil Moncharsh made motion to amend fiscal year to end June 30. Sandy Grotsky approved. Unanimous approval.

In order for the Temple Bylaws to be consistent with long-standing Temple practice, the first sentence of Section XIV of these bylaws shall be amended to read: "The board shall cause an annual report to be sent to each director within 90 days after the end of the corporation’s fiscal year, which shall be June 30."

Report by Margo Haas and Sheila Cohn re meeting with Lynn Kaplan, who is a founding member of a temple in Toronto. Topics discussed were interfaith group, "children/family programs and connection with various Jewish camps. 

Programming update provided by Co-Program Chair Margo Haas. Rabbi Lotker presently providing a well attended three series class; Tu B'Shvat Walk scheduled for January 19; lecture re Israel by Nomi Morris scheduled for February 13, and another class series by Rabbi Lotker scheduled in March.

Sheila Cohn gave update re spacial oneg on February 28 celebrating K'hilat 20th year and March 1 Klezmer gala/concert. Invitations to be sent out shortly.

Agreement that at next Board meeting special topics to be discussed:
(1) new Board of Directors and (2) clean/up of facility. 

Also, Sheila will contact Strategic Planning Committee and ask them for an update to the Board re their findings. This will be a separate meeting from the Board meeting.

Next meeting is February 10 at 7 pm at K'hilat.

Respectfully submitted,

Margo Haas

K'hilat Ha'Aloneem Boardof Directors met on February 10, 2014 at K'hilat at 7 pm. Present were President Sheila Cohn, Secretary Margo Haas and Directors, Naida Cohn, Susan Kapadia, Sandy Grotsky, Jeff Weinstein and Bob Birk. David Cohn, representative of the Strategic Planning Committee was also present.

David Cohn presented a report on behalf of the Strategic Committee re current status. Members of the committee include David Cohn, Alan Greenberg, Barbara Hirsch, Jerry Kaplan and newly added members Michael Shapiro and Ed Tennen. They have been meeting weekly and anticipate providing a comprehensive report within the next few months to the Board. 

Motion to approve Minutes of January 13, 2014 approved.

Motion to amend prior approved motion re end of fiscal year to state May 31 rather than June 30 made by Margo Haas. Second by Sandy Grotsky. Unanimous approval. The motion shall now read (and be included in the By-laws) as follows: "The Board shall cause an annual report to be sent to each Director within 90 days after the end of the corporations fiscal year, which should be May 31."

Motion to paint Oneg Room prior to February 28 made by Sandy Grotsky Second by Jeff Weinstein. Unanimous approval. Bids will be sought and approved.

Discussion re new Board members. Need for new Board to voted in by May 31. An email will be sent inviting all members interested in serving on the Board to contact Sheila Cohn, current president. Need for President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary to be on the Board with maximum of 11 Board members (and minimum five) pursuant to By-laws (including President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary).Composition of Board and duties are outlined in By-Laws. 

Annual meeting will take place May 7, 2014 at which time the 2014-16 Board will be introduced.

Program report by Margo Haas. Tu B'Shvat 'seder/walk' with Bill Kaplan was successful. Nomi Morris lecture - Is Peace for Israel Possible? - coming up on February 13 and three class series by Rabbi Lotker in March: March 12, 19 and 26 - Children of Abraham: Comparison & Contrasting Judaism, Christianity and Islam . Upcoming events starting at 7 pm and donation requested butnot mandatory. (no fee).  

Hebrew classes continuing with Rafael Stoneman.  

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Jeff Weinstein. Margo Haas second. Unanimous approval.

Next Board meeting, second Monday of the month, March 10, at K'hilat Ha'Aloneem.

Respectfully submitted,
Margo Haas


K'hilat Ha'Aloneem Board of Directors met March 10, 2014 at K'hilat Ha'Aloneem. Present were President Sheila Cohn, Secretary Margo Haas, Directors Bob Birk, Phil Moncharsh, Susan Kapadia and Jeff Weinstein representing a quorum.  

Motion to approve KHA Board Minutes of February 10 made by Bob Birk. Phil Moncharsh approved. Unanimous approval.

Sheila Cohn reported on Klezmer weekend. Very successful with reported net profit in the $3,000.00 range.  

Sheila Cohn reminded the Board of the Purim Service on Friday. A potluck will follow the Service and an rsvp is requested (to Naida Cohn) in order that she can coordinate the potluck/oneg.

Annual meeting to be held on May 7. In the interim, information will be posted on the website re nominations for the Board of Directors and a postcard will be sent to all members re nominations and the annual meeting.

Motion by Phil Moncharsh that spouses can serve concurrently on the Board of Directors. Margo Haas second. Unanimous approval.

Community Passover Seder to be held at Soule Park on Wednesday, April 16. Publicity and invitations to be sent out shortly. 

Phil Monarch made motion to adjourn meeting. Margo Haas second.
Unanimous approval.

Next Board meeting will be Monday, April 21 at KHA (third Monday - due to second Monday being first night of Passover).

Respectfully submitted,
Margo Haas


K'hilat Ha'Aloneem Board of Directors met at 6:45 pm on April 21, 2014 at KHA. Present were President Sheila Cohn, Treasurer Alan Greenberg, Secretary Margo Haas and Directors Bob Birk, Naida Cohn, Sandy Grotsky, Susan Kapadia and Phil Moncharsh. Fred Rothenberg, Chair of the Finance Committee was present. Ila Rothenberg and Sid Cohn were also present.

(Strategic Committee members David Cohn, Barbara Hirsch and Michael Shapiro arrived at 7:30 pm to discuss Committee findings. Alan Greenberg also part of Committee was present). 

Fred Rothenberg presented the proposed budget for 2014-15. Alan Greenberg moved to approve budget. Phil Moncharsh second. Unanimous approval.

Margo Haas made a motion to amend the previous policy re review by Finance Committee of proposals exceeding a maximum dollars amount to reflect a $500.00 threshold limit rather than the $250.00 previous limit. Naida Cohn second. Unanimous approval.

Sheila Cohn presented the proposed slate of potential Board members of KHA for 2014-16 which was approved by the Board. Incoming Board will be presented to the community at the Annual
Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 21. 

Strategic Committee report was presented by David Cohn, Alan Greenberg, Barbara Hirsch and Michael Shapiro. General discussion of items presented. Decision made that a letter to the general community (members and friends) would be sent within next week to highlight proposals and to invite all to attend Annual Meeting to discuss Strategic Committee's findings and to obtain additional input from the community at large.

Bob Birk made Motion to approve Strategic Committee to approach potential major gift donors. Phil Moncharsh second. Unanimous approval. 

Annual meeting will take place on May 21.
Next Board meeting to be determined by incoming Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Margo Haas
Secretary for KHA

The K'hilat Ha'Aloneem Annual Meeting took place at K'hilat on May 21, 2014.  

Sheila Cohn, outgoing President, opened with welcoming remarks and announced that Rabbi Michael Lotker has agreed to continue as part-time Rabbi for K'hilat Ha'Aloneem for 2014-15. She also thanked the members of the 
2012-14 Board of Directors who will be stepping down: John Gottesman, Barbara Hirsch, Susan Kapadia and 
Margo Haas.

The new Board of Directors effective June 1, 2014 (through May 31, 2016) are: Bob Birk, David Cohn, Naida Cohn, Allen Greenberg, Valerie Greenberg, Sandy Grotsky, Susan Mirbach, Phil Moncharsh, Jackie Sherman and Jeff Weinstein. 

Fred Rothenberg, head of the Finance Committee, reported on current budget. K'hilat Ha'Aloneem currently has 61 member "units" and the budget is stable with a net exceeding expenses.

David Cohn, head of the Strategic Planning Committee, introduced the members of the committee (Jerry Kaplan, Alan Greenberg, Barbara Hirsch, Michael Shapiro and Ed Tennen). Jerry Kaplan, Alan Greenberg and Barbara Hirsch presented brief remarks re aspects of the Committee's recommendations. Members of the community commented on the Committee's recommendations re marketing and membership including name change, religious and educational activities, programming, physical structure and financial matters.

Any member of the community who would like to further comment on the Committee's recommendations is encouraged to contact (preferably by email) before the first Board meeting of June 16. The Strategic Committee's full report is on the website. Please contact David Cohn – (805) 272-8561, David@StevensonOaks.com, Alan Greenberg – (281) 413-6475, alan@wwmach.com or Barbara Hirsch – (805) 570-0160, b.hirsch@sbcglobal.net 

Respectfully submitted,
Margo Haas

K'hilat Ha'Aloneem Board of Directors met June 16th, 2014 at K'hilat Ha'alonem. Present were Alan Greenberg, Valerie Greenberg, Bob Birk, Jeff Weinstein, Philip Moncharsh and Sandy Grotsky, representing a quorum. 

KHA Board Minutes of the last Board meeting (the Annual meeting) of May 21st were unanimously approved. 

There was discussion and election of Officers. These following were elected unanimously:
Jeff Weinstein - President
Bob Birk - Vice President
Alan Greenberg - Treasurer
Sandra Grotsky - Secretary

Sandy is to email Margo Haas to follow up on insurance.

Sandy will pick up the mail. There is a check expected in the amount of $650.00 for building work reimbursement.

There was a report from the Finance Committee. KHA is within the budget.

Phil made a motion to approve adopting the Strategic Planning Committee's Plan. Seconded by Valerie. Unanimously approved. The Temple name change is unresolved. It will be put to the membership at large via our website for their opinions. A list of suggestions will be included for the members to consider.

Alan thanked the Board on behalf of the Strategic Planning Committee for approving the Plan. No part of the Plan will be implemented without the Board's approval.

It was discussed that the Membership Committee of the Strategic Committee will perform extensive research and investigation in order to find more complete and current contact information of members of the Jewish community.

Alan provided data on the financial commitments already in place for the proposed renovation budget. He advised that there already commitments from 10 members totaling $108,500. It was suggested that the donors who commit to a minimum of $5,000 will be henceforth referred to as the "Guardians of the Temple". Alan created a pledge letter to be signed by each donor, and that document was approved by the Board.

There was a discussion as to whether or not it was okay to commence the building project prior to the High Holy Days. There was a consensus that it is okay to begin beforehand. We can have Oneg after services outside, as usual.

Jeff will ask Sheila to either continue leading and/or schedule leading of the Community Services on the Shabbats that Rabbi Lotker is not present.

The Board agreed to have special Shabbat for outgoing President Sheila Cohn at the Shabbat Under the Stars, and to acquire a gift for her.

Phil made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jeff adjourned the meeting.

The next Board meeting will be on Monday, July 7th at KHA. 

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Grotsky. Secretary

Temple Board of Directors Meeting  

July 7, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Weinstein at 7:10 PM

Attending are David, Naida, Jackie, Alan, Valerie, and Jeff

The minutes of this new Board's first meeting held on June 16 were read. 
Following a motion by Naida and a second by Valerie, the minutes, as corrected, were unanimously approved. 

The board then discussed the protocol going forward for approving the minutes. The secretary will send out the minutes to all Board members ASAP after the meeting. Should any member wish to make a correction, they should do so by sending their suggested correction(s) to Naida within 48 hours. Naida will collate and correct as she sees fit and send the corrected document back to the Board for final approval. The Board members will have 24 hours to make additional corrections, after which Naida will make the final version and email it to Sandy, who, in turn, will then release it to Fred Rothenberg for publication.

The Strategic Planning Committee ("SPC") is to fine tune their budget for the total renovation project, which includes the social hall and the sanctuary buildings. They are to submit the budget to the Finance Committee ("FC") at their July 30th meeting. The concept is to get the FC's approval for the entire budget. Should any significant changes take place as the project is being executed, then the SPC will go back to the FC to ask for their suggestions and/or approval of the deviations.

If the FC approves the budget, then it will be emailed to the Board members to give them an opportunity to review it so that they can decide if they will vote to approve it at the August 4th meeting.

Report of the SPC:

1. 11 Guardians have pledged a total of $113,500 to date. Several have sent back their written confirmation of their pledge and their payment schedule.

2. Pat Allen has accepted the chairmanship of the Membership and Marketing Committee. A meeting was held this morning with her and her husband John at which time, the SPC turned 5 spreadsheets over to them that cover all of the potential people that need to be reached out to. The key will be to first do significant research to fill in all of the pertinent contact information. The SPC also asked them to work on a potential new logo and a small brochure. They will assemble a group of members who have a significant familiarity with the community to assist them with the search process.

Sheila Cohn has been appointed to head the Religious Committee.

3. At a meeting prior to the Board meeting, Jeff, David, Barbara, and Alan met with a potential contractor for the work on the social hall. The Board decided to proceed to demolish the interior of the building to end up with one large open space and retain the 3 primary vertical support posts. Once this work is completed, we will invite the members and the community to view the progress at a Hard Hat party on Saturday, September 13. This event will also be the kick-off of the general fund-raising effort.

Alan made a motion, seconded by Jackie to honor Sheila Cohn at a Shabbat Under the Stars event to be held on July 25 or August 8 at Jeff's residence. The motion also includes that the Board will purchase a gift on behalf of the congregation. Approved unanimously. ( Naida is looking for the gift, which will probably be a pair or two pairs of candlesticks.)

Margo Haas and Barbara Hirsch are guests at the meeting as co-chairs of the Education Committee ("EC"). Prior to presenting their report, Margo explained that she is working on potential changes in the insurance policy covering the 2 Torahs. They are currently insured for a total of $18,000. She will find out what the cost per $1,000 is for coverage and also determine the best way to get a reasonably accurate current appraised value of the Torahs.

Report of the EC:

The EC presented an extensive and detailed summary of potential events for the fiscal year ending May, 2015. There were some suggestions from the Board which were well-received by the EC. They will take the suggestions under consideration and modify their plan accordingly. Jeff thanked Margo and Barbara on behalf of the Board for their report.

Naida moved for adjournment, and at 8:50 PM Jeff declared the meeting adjourned.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for 7 PM on August 4th.

Submitted by

Alan Greenberg, subbing for Sandy

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – September 8, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:25 PM by President Jeff Weinstein

Also in attendance are:

Susan Mirbach
Valerie Greenberg
Jackie Sherman
Naida Cohn
Bob Birk
David Cohn
Alan Greenberg

It was moved to approve the minutes of the August meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.

Old Business:

After a discussion about how to arrange for an appraisal of the Torahs, BB moved to have the appraisal done by the Rabbi in L.A. at a cost of $150. This would require a member to deliver the Torahs to L.A. and, hopefully, pick them up on the same day after the appraisal has been performed. By this method, we save $300, which is the additional cost if the appraisal were to be done in Ojai.VG seconded the motion. Approved unanimously. Board members are to keep their eyes open for someone to deliver the Torahs. Following is the Rabbi’s information:
Ron Sieger 
Certified Sofer STaM
9016 Monte Mar Drive 
Los Angeles, CA 90035 
310-837-2185 office 
310-930-4462 cell 

New Business:

After a discussion about the previous approval by email of hiring an armed guard for the services, DC advised that he was able to arrange to get a local deputy officer for less money than he was originally told. For all 4 services, the cost is an estimated $1,375. A consensus was reached to proceed with that plan and to pay for the services in advance and in full as required by the City. 

A discussion took place regarding our responsibilities for the High Holidays. The following will be the greeters and the data checkers: VG, DC, NC (if present at that time), AG, JS, Sandy Grotsky. SM will order quality name tags for the Board members. AG will bring paper name tags for newcomers. It was agreed that each of the board members should make their best efforts to be welcoming to all and especially to newcomers by conversing with them and introducing them to others. A Board member will speak at each of the 4 services in this order: BB, SM, JW, DC.

There will be two Onegs at the Temple; after the Rosh Hashanah daytime service and a Break-The-Fast. JW is to ask Margo if she will take the responsibility to see that the traditional food and drinks are obtained for the 1st event. No one was selected to do this for the 2nd event.. SM will take the responsibility for any arrangements concerning the private high school students.

A discussion took place regarding appointing a Board member to fill the Secretary vacancy. It was decided that SM and JS will be co-Secretaries. 

The Board decided that it should attempt to fill the 2 vacancies that exist. The first candidate selected was Kim Hoj. JW will contact her. Other potential candidates mentioned were: Alan Zusman, Nomi Morris, Ted Miller, and Steve Miller.

Committee Reports:

Strategic Planning Committee

AG and DC reported as follows:

All of the plans and arrangements for the Hard Hats & Soft Serve event on September 14th are in place. The SPC along with Pat & John Allen will take care of all aspects of the event. A strong publicity program has been in effect that includes direct emails, Fred’s blasts, a post card mailing, and newspaper submissions.

The survey has been completed. Plans are moving forward to be completed and submitted to the County for approval at the earliest possible time. It is hoped to have the Social Hall completed by the end of the year. We are awaiting final drawings and specifications from the structural engineer regarding the 2 steel beams that will eliminate 2 of the roof support posts. The kitchen plan also has to be completed before submission.

A summary of the financials, budget, and Guardian pledges was reviewed. Due to the timing of the payment of pledges over 2 and even 3 years, the Finance Committee approved the concept of obtaining a revolving bridge line of credit for $78,000. This would be followed shortly after with the refinancing of our existing mortgage which has a current principal balance of $132,000 and a 7% interest rate. 

The Board wishes to have the Finance Committee make a report at the October meeting explaining their position about the refinancing and specifically addressing why that should not take place immediately. BB moved to authorize the Finance Committee to proceed with obtaining the bridge loan from Community Bank. DC seconded it and it passed unanimously.

AG reported that our current amount of Guardian pledges is $143,000, and our budget is still $175,000. He has 2 more prospects that he is trying to work with.


JW announced that, with the assistance of Wendy Wilson, our Rabbi is going to appear at a service at the St. Andrews church. It was the sense of the Board that our members should attend that service. Wendy and JW will firm up the date and see to it that the membership (and the Community) is made aware of the details via Fred’s email communications.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 PM
Temple Board of Directors Meeting  

August 4, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM on August 5, 2014. Present were Alan Greenberg, Bob Birk, David Cohn, Jeff Weinstein, Naida Cohn, Philip Moncharsh, Valerie Greenberg and Sandra Grotsky. 

The minutes of the prior meeting on July 7th were approved.

There was discussion about updating our Torah Scroll insurance. Clarification is needed on cost of having a scribe either come to the Temple or having us bring the Torah scrolls to Los Angeles in order to re-evaluate. If need be, Jeff can bring the scrolls to LA to have this done. It was decided to clarify what the cost actually is for these 2 options.

There was discussion about the High Holiday checklist of items that need to be completed before and during the Services. It was decided that each Board member would indicate which tasks he/she is able to do. The list will be brought to Sheila, who will then ensure that all of the tasks are completed on a timely basis.

There was discussion about extra security at this years High Holidays. Alan strongly recommended that the Board consider hiring 2 uniformed armed guards for the 4 services, and he estimates that will cost approximately $2,000. The Ventura Sheriff's department does not offer this service. Camp Ramah will be contacted by David to see if they can make any recommendations. Phil said that, if he is not at the next meeting, that his vote is NO.

Two candelabras were purchased as gifts to honor the Sheila Cohn, our past President. They will be presented at Shabbat Under the Stars this Friday evening. The smaller candelabra will be gifted personally to the past President, and the larger will stay at the Temple. Both will be engraved. Naida is to be reimbursed for the cost of both from Temple funds.

A congregant's mother-in-law Naida reported that John Allen's mother had passed away. The Board Secretary will send a condolence card. The Board will also ask the congregant if she he would like the Temple to hold a Memorial Service as the relative lived out-of-town.

David read the report of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC). There was a vote to approve The SPC asked for the approval of the Board for the following chairs: Sheila Cohn as Religious Chair, and Pat Allen as the Marketing/Membership Chair, and Alan as the Renovation Chair. The motions were passed unanimously in favor of both. The Board unanimously approved these appointments.

Continuing with the SPC report, the SPC's goal is to have as many as fifteen new Temple members by next year. To that end, Alan Greenberg is having a meeting at his home this Wednesday, August 6th, to gather up data on non-members of the Jewish community. names of people as prospective new members.

There was a long discussion about a Temple name change. After careful consideration and input by each Board member and also consideration of the results of the survey, David Phil moved to approve the name "Jewish Community of Ojai". Valerie seconded the motion. The Board voted to approve that name and to move forward with the name change process. It was suggested that the name change be announced during the High Holiday Services. Margo will be asked to look into what needs to be done to have the name officially changed with the Secretary of State.

David related summarized the finances of the building overall renovation.

Fred Rothenberg, Chairman of the Finance Committee made a special appearance before the Board to present a 4 year projection of the financial condition of the Temple, The purpose was to show how the proposed $175,000 budget for renovation would impact our financial picture. After his presentation there was a long discussion about the various issues involved. At the end of the discussion David made a motion that the Board accept the budget of $175,000 as presented. Seconded by Phil. The motion was passed unanimously.

The next issue was for the Board to approve the initial expenditure of up to $6,000 for the demolition of the interior of the annex building. The Board approved it unanimously. Finally the Board was asked to approve the expenditure of $1,000 for a survey to locate the corners of our property and the corners of our building. Unanimously approved.

Phil spoke up and suggested that the Board should not be micro-managing the individual expenditures under the budget. Discussion on that was tabled until the next meeting.

Since time prevented David from reading the balance of the report of the SPC, here is the balance of that report:

NEXT STEPS – The budget includes a bid from our contractor for $30,000 for the whole project. This includes $6,000 for the Board-approved demolition of the interior walls that he expects will take less than 5 working days. We need a demolition permit to proceed, and Jeff Weinstein will apply for it this week. We expect the work to be done in mid-August. Once it is finished, we will all have a clear view of the eventual space of the social hall. It will also reveal the 3 vertical support posts that are inside the walls and support the roof.

Once the demolition is complete, we will work with our structural engineer, to determine the cost and value of removing 1, 2, or all 3 of these posts. The committee will then make a recommendation to the Board. The recommendation could be to leave all 3 of the posts, which would only necessitate replacing them or wrapping them to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

A surveyor has been retained to formally locate the coordinates of the corners of our building and the corners of our property. We will need this information for our building permit and to determine whether or not there are encroachments on our property.
In-depth discussions have taken place and some bids have been received for items including repaving the parking lot, the needed doors and windows, the TV and audio system and other items, and those bids are in line with our projections.

KICKOFF – We plan to kickoff our general fundraising efforts for the rest of the congregation on Saturday, September 13th. Our goal is to involve all of our members in this project. We feel that every member should be invested in this project, even if it is as little as 50 cents per day for the next 3 years.

The kickoff event will be a “Hard Hat Open House” and will be held in the cleared building. Everyone will be given a hard hat to wear as they enter the property. They will see what has been accomplished to date and will be able to feel first hand how much bigger the space will be for our new Social Hall. Rabbi Lotker will lead a short Havdalha service (lasting about 8 minutes). We will display renderings to show people what the finished product will look like. We will also have a list posted of items that can be named in honor or memory, such as the Eternal Light, the Tzadakah Box, the Rabbi's Study, etc. We are working out the details of how we will present the members with the opportunity to make their commitment. The plan is for a 7:30 start with a variety of desserts, ice cream sundaes, etc. to be offered (at no charge).

The next meeting is scheduled for September 8th. The meeting was adjourned by Jeff at 9:40 PM.

Submitted by
Sandra Grotsky,Secretary

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – October 20, 2014

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Weinstein

Other Board Members in attendance:
Susan Mirbach
Jackie Sherman
Naida Cohn
David Cohn
Phil Moncharsh
Kim Hoj

Special Guests: 
Fred and Ila Rothenberg-representing the Finance Committee, 
John and Pat Allen-representing the Marketing and Membership Committee.

Jeff welcomed Kim Hoj to the Board.

It was moved to approve the minutes of the September meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.

Finance Committee Reports and Proposals
Fred presented various options for refinancing the current Building Loan and details about a proposed Bridge Loan. He communicated the Finance Committee’s recommendations to refinance the existing loan with an extra $40k of borrowing and to obtain a bridge loan to help cover construction costs for building the social hall prior to all pledges being paid.

With 6 yes votes and one abstention, the Board approved the Finance Committee’s “Re-fi Plus” ($175,000 at a 5 year fixed rate with a maximum interest rate of prime + 2, currently 5.25%) and Bridge Loan ($78,000 at 5.25%) proposals. For the” Re-fi Plus” the Board requests that the Finance Committee try to negotiate a better rate than stated above.

Fred presented the Strategic Planning What-Ifs-Scenario 2 spreadsheet.
The budget includes a full year’s operating expenses in reserve since there are so many variables and uncertainties in the strategic planning budget e.g. membership and space rental revenue once the new Social Hall exists, costs for Rabbinic Services and construction expenses. The Board would like to review the amount of required reserves once we’ve gotten past the key uncertainties. 

Fred gave a short update on construction costs as well as pledges and donations to cover these costs. The update was followed by discussion and some clarification by David. Here are the highlights:

Construction Costs/Budget:
-The Board previously approved a construction budget up to $175k.
-Current projections include an additional $9k of expenses. Alan will present the details at the next Board meeting*.
-David explained that we should be able to complete the social hall with the existing $175k budget. The other monies would be used for extra undertakings such as upgrades for the sanctuary.
-Fred reminded us that the Finance Committee is not evaluating the cost of the project. Thus the Jewish Community of Ojai Board itself is responsible for evaluating, tracking, etc.

On October 22, Alan clarified that the additional expense projections are $10k and not $9k. The $185k is projected to cover completion of the social hall and upgrades to the sanctuary, entryway and bathrooms.

Construction Donors:
-Fred is pleased with the numbers and generosity of donors for this project.
-Current pledges will cover the work for the social hall.
-20 different donors have come forward with gifts and/or pledges thus far.

- 6 new members have joined recently.
-John and Pat Allen, Chairs of the Membership and Marketing Committee, will reach out to them to welcome and invite them to get involved with the congregation via participation on a committee, attendance at events, etc.
-Board members will be cc’d on these emails to facilitate interaction between the new members of the congregation and the Board members.
-There were many High Holiday service attendees who are not members. John proposes that we try to get these folks involved, engaged, attending events, etc. over the next several months (during construction of the social hall) before we ask them to become members. The hope is that many will proactively join without being asked. The Board members concurred with this approach.
-John and Pat asked to have a Board member join their committee. Susan volunteered. 

Organizational Name and Logo
-The Board agreed to maintain our new name: Jewish Community of Ojai.
- Phil recommended that we ask Margo Haas to continue working on the submission of the name change and the correct mailing address of the Temple with the various governmental agencies and suppliers with whom we deal.  
-The Board would appreciate it if Margo provides a list of all organizations to whom she has submitted the name and address changes

-The board agrees on using the logo as a way to integrate some or all of the original name of the congregation. The objectives are to show respect for those members who have asked us to clearly honor our history and to include something in Hebrew.
-As David said, everything we’re doing in our strategic plan is about building and reinforcing community. Modifying the logo is an effort towards this ultimate objective.
-The board voted 6-4 (with 3 nos via proxy) to adopt the Logo with the Hebrew word Kehilah in white in the roots of the Oak tree. 
-The board requested a redesign of the Hebrew lettering between the roots.
-Pat and John will bring some new options to the November board meeting for a final board vote on the logo.
-In the meantime, the Board authorized using the logo of the Oak Tree with the white Hebrew letters for Kehilah in the roots on digital media like Facebook.
-Pat and John presented the new Facebook page that they’ve been putting together with Kim. The Board agreed that this new Facebook page looks great and thanked the three involved for their efforts.

-Naida asked if anyone knows what cemeteries Ojai congregations are affiliated with. Noone had any answers. Naida will reach out to Ojai based churches to see what they are doing and to determine if there is an opportunity to collaborate.

The meeting was adjourned.

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – November 10, 2014
Minutes prepared by Jackie Sherman.

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Weinstein at 7:00pm.

Other Board Members in attendance:
Jackie Sherman
Naida Cohn
David Cohn
Valerie Greenberg
Bob Birk
Attending as guests
John Allen
Pat Allen

1.It was moved to approve the minutes of the October meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.

2.Bob discussed how to conduct more productive meetings, and shared “Robert’s Rules”. The importance of one person talking at a time was emphasized. 

3. The logo was discussed-six options were shared with the Board. Hebrew letters in the roots, concept of the tree of life was very well accepted. Bob will meet with the graphic artist to come up with two versions for the next meeting, so that a final logo will be voted upon. The green color and white Hebrew letters will be refined in the revised logo. It was discussed that the founding date for K’Hilat Ha’Aloneem will be included on the stationery.

4. High Holiday services were discussed-the members were very pleased with the outcome, however , everyone agreed that more prayer books for the High Holidays are needed. David will look into the availability and price of the new Reform version of the text. We will also discuss the ideas of plaques at the next meeting, for whom, design,placement etc.

5. Board members to be present at Friday night services was discussed. It was agreed that one Board member be present each Friday night and provide something to eat along with the already established Oneg tradition. Logistics regarding opening and closing of the Temple etc . will be the responsibility of the Board member in charge. Jeff will send out a calendar for sign-ups for November and December.
Naida has agreed to be present in this role for next Friday evening.

6. Pat shared the new committee members. David asked that the committee chairs submit a report at each board meeting as to the workings of the committee and the intended actions to be accomplished in the coming year. This will be provided as an Executive Summary to the President.

Committee Co-Chairs and Members
Jewish Community of Ojai
Co-Chairs: John and Pat Allen
Alan Greenberg
David Cohn
Susan Mirbach 
Phil Moncharsh*
Kim Hoj**
*will be invited
**consulting member
***Marketing will be spun off as its own committee chaired by Ed Tennen

Social Committee:
Co-Chairs: Aryna Swope and Myr Slosberg
Jackie Sherman
Valerie Greenberg
Miriam Rosen
Dana White*
Laurel Felice*
Kim Hoj**
* will be invited
**consulting member

Youth Group Committee:
Kim Hoj
Myr Slosberg
Laura Loebel*
*will be invited

Religious Committee:
Co-Chairs: Sheila Cohn and Ted Malos
Bob Birk
Naida Cohn

Social Action Committee:
Co-Chairs: Naida Cohn & Rachel Pratt
Ted Malos
John Allen 
John Gottesman (Ojai Valley Winter Shelter)
Alice and Bob Rene*
Michael Shapiro***will be confirmed **consulting member

7.Storage of Historical Documents was discussed. Naida will work on organizing this.

8. Torah appraisal-no progress has been made on this. Jeff will ask Fred to send out an e-blast to ask for a volunteer that can go to LA (Pico and Robertson) to drop off and pick up the Torah. Valerie will contact Margo to get the contact, and Valerie might be able to take care of this.

9. Other business-The Temple email list is not available to be used for other than Temple events unless special permission is given by the Board. All requests for email access must be submitted to the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.
Next meeting –December 8 at 7:00pm.

Jewish Community of Ojai Board of Directors Meeting, 
December 8, 2014

Present: Jeff Weinstein, Alan Greenberg, Jackie Sherman, Susan Mirbach, David Cohn, Naida Cohn, Valerie Greenberg, Phil Monarsch.
Absent: Bob Birk
Minutes written and submitted by Susan Mirbach, co-secretary

-Meeting Called to Order at 7:05 pm

-Minutes from November Meeting Approved

-Alan gave construction update: steel beams will be installed commencing December 10th. Next step is submitting the permit request to the County in about 10 days for the balance of the social hall renovation. The current target date for the renovations of the social hall to be done is the 3rd week of March. 

-Finance committee has approved new $185,000 budget. Alan moved that this adjusted budget be approved. Naida seconded the motion. Motion passed. We hope to raise the full amount. If not, we will have to use funds from our bank loan.

-Decision for secretary to distribute all committee reports to all board members as and when received. If Board members have issues, they can email them to all other board members. Unresolved issues will be addressed at board meetings.

-Alan will propose changing Finance committee meetings to before Board meetings instead of after.

-Jackie will ask Sheila to ask Ojai Valley Inn and Spa if we can display JCO logo and rendering of new social hall.

-Board approved David’s proposal re Rabbi’s new 3 year contract.

-Board approved the design of the stationery and the Thank You notes. Alan will get prices for printing these items and their envelopes and will send to board via email for approval.

-Board will revisit spending authorization policy vis a vis the Finance Committee to make the process less cumbersome.

-Board approved the design and purchase of the outside signage

-A member of the Religious Committee will speak with members who are more conservative to get feedback on proposed new High Holiday prayer books.

-Naida made a motion welcoming Rabbi Adina and her husband Jeff to hold a Hanuka event on December 21 under the auspices of the Jewish Community of Ojai either in the temple building or elsewhere. (If elsewhere, then insurance issues need to be addressed with Margo). The JCO mailing list and the front page of the email blast can be used for this event. Alan seconded the motion. After discussion, the motion passed unanimously. 

-Board would like Sheila, as chair, of Religious Committee to contact Rabbi Adina about this opportunity and to keep Rabbi Lotker in the loop (cc via email or call)

--Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm. Next meeting is scheduled for January 12th.

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