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beginning January, 2015

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Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – January 12,2015
Minutes prepared by Jackie Sherman.

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Weinstein at 7:00pm.

Other Board Members in attendance:
Jackie Sherman
Naida Cohn
David Cohn
Alan Greenberg
Valerie Greenberg
Attending as guests
Sheila Cohn
Fred Rothenberg
Ila Rothenberg

1.It was moved to approve the minutes of the December meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.

2.Bnai Mitzvah Program- 2.Bnai Mitzvah Program- Sheila provided a report from the Religious Committee. Hebrew school is currently being taught by Raphaella. There are 6 children in the class, and they meet once a week on Mondays. In the future we could possibly have two classes, depending on additional students and their level of proficiency. Sheila is to submit a program covering all the details of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah package to the Finance committee. It will include goals, training, Rabbi responsibilities, Temple use, a Mitzvah project, student attendance at services, and fees for members. The Finance committee will review it and make its recommendations to the Board. The financial aspects of the b’nai mitzvah program will be reviewed by the Finance Committee prior to submission to the Board.

3.Proposed changes to the expense approval process-Fred provided us with the new procedure. The finance committee shall review all proposed revenue raising programs or individual expenditures that exceed $500 on an annual basis. Revenue raising programs or expenditures brought to the Finance Committee for review shall first have the support of at least two Temple Board members. A program or expenditure that does not exceed $500 or which, due to its emergency nature, cannot wait for Finance Committee review shall be approved by at least two Temple officers, one of whom shall be the president. However , in no event shall programs or expenditures which exceed $2,500 on an annual basis be approved without the review of the Finance Committee and the approval of the Temple Board. In any event, the Board has the power to bypass these guidelines and approve expenditures as it sees fit without Finance committee review. 

4. Publicity and email notices- Fred stated the following:“The Temple website and weekly e-blasts may be used to publicize non-Temple sponsored events so long as the event is appropriate, fits the Temple’s mission and does not conflict with Temple sponsored activities. Such non-Temple events shall be submitted to the Publicity chairperson who shall evaluate their conformity to Temple guidelines. Any uncertainty about the conformity of such events to these guidelines shall be forwarded by the Publicity chairperson to the Temple President. In no event shall the Temple e-mail list be used for other than the weekly e-blasts without Board permission.” Fred’s statement was accepted by the Board.

5. Preliminary thoughts about charges for use of the sanctuary and social hall-Fred stated that discussing this issue was premature and will be discussed at a later date.

6. Construction update-Alan provided a detailed report regarding expenditures for the social hall and a detailed account of where we are in the process. Alan moved that we turn the nursery into a Rabbi’s study and conference room. This motion was seconded by David and was approved.

7. The Board approved to give the Youth Committee $250 that was requested for a special event.

8. Tu B’Shuvat-Jeff will call Barbara, Margo and Sheila regarding the plans for this celebration.

9. There was discussion regarding adding some new Board members . Sheila and Margo were suggested as possible Board members-Jeff will initiate a discussion with them as well as other persons that may appropriate for this position.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.
Next meeting –February 9 at 7:00pm.

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – February 9,2015
Minutes prepared by Jackie Sherman.

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Weinstein at 7:10pm.

Other Board Members in attendance:
Jackie Sherman
Naida Cohn
David Cohn
Alan Greenberg
Valerie Greenberg
Bob Birk
Attending as guests
Barbara Hirsch

1.It was moved to approve the minutes of the January meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.

2.Facility Rental Price-Finance committee was approached by a couple to possibly rent the sanctuary for their wedding in early June. There was discussion on what the charge would be to rent the sanctuary for this event. Special insurance would need to be purchased by the couple to host the event. It was moved that $1000.00 would be the charge to rent the sanctuary, which would include cleaning service and a monitor to be present during the event. The couple would pay the Rabbi directly and make their own arrangements with him.

3.New Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Guidelines- Alan provided the Board with a document that he put together regarding Bar/Bat Mitzvah guidelines.
David also provided a document with proposed guidelines for this celebration.
There was discussion regarding both proposals, and David will work on a revised document that will incorporate the Board’s suggestions based on both proposals, which will be discussed again at the next meeting.

4.Amend By-Laws to incorporate name change-We agreed to proceed with this, and Margo will be contacted to work on the revisions.

5.Fred’s Todah Rabah page on website-It was agreed that Fred design a page on the website to acknowledge the work people and committees have done to contribute to events etc . on behalf of JCO.

6.Capital Campaign-Alan provided a list of members who have not contributed to the capital campaign. He encouraged each Board member to take 2 members from that list and contact them to request a donation for the building project.

7. Sanctuary Renovation-Barbara showed a detailed visual plan to the Board of the suggested plans to beautify the sanctuary. Topics discussed were:
Philosophy of enhancing the Ark, lighting, furniture, Judaica Art, stained glass windows that will be donated ,and the work of Barbara and Marvin Beck, artist and architect. Barbara stated that 7.5% of the entire budget will be utilized by this improvement. The Board agreed that Barbara may go ahead with the Sanctuary upgrade. Alan also developed a display with the materials to be used in the social hall.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm.
Next meeting –March 9 at 7:00pm.

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – March 9,2015
Minutes prepared by David Cohn

President Jeff Weinstein called the meeting to order at 7:10pm.

Other Board Members in attendance:
Naida Cohn
David Cohn
Bob Birk
Phil Moncharsh 

1.Purim Celebration – Bob reported that the Friday night Purim celebration went well with about 20-25 people including about 10 children, many of whom were new to the congregation

2.Prior Meeting Minutes – Naida move that the minutes of the February meeting be accepted as distributed. David seconded and the motion was approved unanimously. 

3.Community Seder – To compensate the Rabbi for leading our community Seder, the Religious Committee recommends that we either pay him for this event or delete one of his planned Friday night services. Phil moved that we pay the Rabbi for the Seder at an appropriate rate determined by the Religious committee. Naida seconded and the motion was approved unanimously. 

4.High Holy Days Prayer Book – We currently use Machzor Hadash for our High Holy Day services. We own about 35 copies and some members also have copies. Our sanctuary seats 150 people, and we would need 100 books to accommodate our normal attendance. The Board considered four options:

    a.Acquire an additional 65 copies of Mahzor Hadash (a book associated with the     Conservative movement, a 1999 revision of the 1977 edition. 

    b.Acquire 100 copies of Gates of Repentance (the current Reform movement book, copyright     1978).

    c.Acquire 100 copies of Mahzor Lev Shalem (the fairly new Conservative movement book,     copyright 2010, 2014).

    d.Acquire 100 copies of Mishkan HaNefesh (the new Reform movement book, copyright     

We reviewed copies of the first two books and excerpts from the second two. The Board concluded that Gates of Repentance was too dated and that Machzor Lev Shalem was not appropriate for us. The prepublication discount (30% this month) for Mishkan HaNefesh means that costs of options a and d are equivalent. David moved that we order 100 copies of Mishkan HaNefesh, offer copies for sale to members and encourage members to dedicate additional copies for general use. Naida seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. David agreed to organize the campaign for selling copies and soliciting donations.

5.Update Phonebook Advertising – We have been contacted by the publishers of two local phone directories and told that it is time to renew our ads. Phil moved that we authorize Alan Greenberg to update and renew our ads as appropriate. Bob seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

6.501(c)(3) registration update – David reported that our information in the IRS’s registry of charitable organizations is badly out of date. He has asked that Alan Greenberg be told how to update this information.

7.Future Facility Rentals – We have agreed to rent our sanctuary for a non-member Jewish wedding this summer. The renter has agreed to pay $750 for the facility (which includes the cost of cleaning) and to provide evidence that they have acquired and appropriate rider on the home-owners insurance to cover the event.

8.Bar/Bat Mitzvah Statement – David presented a revised version of his proposed Jewish Community of Ojai Statement on Bar and Bat Mitzvah. The Board discussed it and suggested additional changes. David moved that the amended statement (a copy of which is attached) be adopted. Phil seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. 

9.Construction Update – This item was omitted since Alan Greenberg was unable to attend the meeting.

10.Possible New Board Members – The Board noted the need for new Board members and discussed several possibilities. 

11.Shabbaton Proposal – The Jewish Studio, a new venture from Rabbi Adina Allen and Jeff Kasowitz, has proposed that we sponsor two of their weekend-long programs (Shabbatons). The Program Committee and the Religious Committee reviewed the proposal and asked the Board three questions. The Board agreed that although the program looks good, it did not seem appropriate for us as proposed. Phil moved that Jeff send a note to the Program chairs addressing the questions.

David seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

12.Adjournment – Naida moved that the meeting be adjourned and the motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.

The next Board meeting will be April 13 at 7:00pm.

Jewish Community of Ojai
Statement on Bar and Bat Mitzvah

The Jewish Community of Ojai is committed to supporting Jewish education for the children of its members and to making Jewish education available to other children. We will provide appropriate educational opportunities to prepare children of members to celebrate becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. We will help each child develop a background in Jewish worship and the Hebrew language appropriate to leading a Shabbat and Torah service and a background in our tradition deep enough to understand its opportunities and obligations. 

Preparation will challenge each child’s abilities, and successful completion will be a source of pride for the child and family. The Religious Committee, in collaboration with the Rabbi, will create preparation guidelines and will tailor these guidelines for children in special situations. They will work with each child and their family to determine how and when that child is prepared. 

The Community will underwrite a portion of the preparation cost for the children of members. To the extent that the Rabbi assists with preparation for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration, the family should pay a proper honorarium.

Generally, Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremonies will be held as part of a regular Shabbat service. Like all religious services, all members will be encouraged to attend. Our facilities will be available for appropriate celebrations following the ceremony, and the Bar or Bat Mitzvah families will be encouraged to cover cost beyond that of a normal oneg.  
Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – April 13,2015
Minutes prepared by Jackie Sherman.

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Weinstein at 7:10pm.

Other Board Members in attendance:
Jackie Sherman
David Cohn
Alan Greenberg
Bob Birk

1.It was moved to approve the minutes of the March 9 meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.

2.Community Seder comments- The Board offers deep gratitude to Sheila Cohn, and her committee ,for putting together the best Seder ever for our Congregation, as well as the best attended Seder in our Congregation’s history –there were 126 people in attendance, 2/3 of the attendees were members-15 of those were new members. 

The Board is requesting that the Religious Committee decide what Haggadah will be used for future Seders, which we will need 150 copies, and for the committee to decide the projected time frame for the service before and after the meal.

3.High Holy Days Prayer Book update- 149 copies were ordered, and one pulpit copy. These will be published in June. Each copy was approximately $29, David will put together a campaign to sell the books for $36 if people would like their personal copy. The Board thanks Fred and Ila for donating significantly for the purchase of these books. All dedications in the current books will be transferred to the new copies. Jackie will write a thank-you note to Fred and Ila on behalf of the Board.

4.Shavuot program update- This is the Spring Festival –more details to be determined.

5.Committee program update- The Strategic Planning Committee has requested that each committee submit a committee report to the Board 1 time per month outlining the committee’s activities. The Board wishes to thank the committees for submitting their reports at the necessary time frames.

6. Create committee to attract new Board Members- It was decided, since we are such a small group, a committee is not necessary, but rather the Board will email each other with potential Board members names. Several potential candidates were discussed. We will have 5 openings for new Board members.

7. Construction update from 2/18 email from Alan- Plans have received fire department approval ,and building plans are currently being reviewed. Soft costs have exceeded budget-Alan will assess ways to decrease future costs. The construction should take 3-4 months once plans are approved.

8.Religious Committee outreach-For non-members wanting to host a life-cycle event, such as a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding etc., the persons will be directed to go to the Religious Committee for specifics regarding the event. Bob made the motion to approve this motion, and David seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

9. Facility Fee- Jeff spoke with the Rabbi, and it was discussed that our baseline fee for renting the Sanctuary/ Social Hall will be between $500-$750 depending on the event circumstances. The Religious Committee will bring the specifics of the event to the Board, and the Board will determine the facility fee.

New Business

1.The Youth Committee requested a budget of $1,650 for the year 2015-2016 ,and provided a detailed account of suggested expenditures. Alan moved that we approve this budget, and David seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.

2. Rabbi’s Contract-David will send a copy to the Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.
Next meeting –May 11 at 7:00pm.

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – May 11,2015
Minutes prepared by Jackie Sherman.

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Weinstein at 7:06pm.

Other Board Members in attendance:
Jackie Sherman
David Cohn
Naida Cohn
Bob Birk

Guests Attended:
Ila Rothenberg
Fred Rothenberg
Barbara Hirsch

1.It was moved to approve the minutes of the April 13 meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.

2.New Board Members- Pat Allen and Deborah Delamore were approved unanimously as new board members, and will be invited to the next Board meeting. David will contact these new Board members, and offer congratulations and an invitation to our next meeting.

3.Committee Report- Fred prepared and discussed the Finance Committee Report. Fred discussed the cash (approximately 70k) we have as of 5/31/15, and mentioned that there has been no provision for fund-raising events in the budget. Fred suggested that we plan an event this coming year, and implement the event the following year. Fred also mentioned that there is only one Hebrew class included in the budget. We agreed that the dues remain at the same price this year, and discussion for a dues increase will be discussed in the future. Specific budget details were received, and significant individual items were discussed. There was discussion about including the Temple in an individual’s Will Document as a way of bringing revenue into the Temple. Fred agreed to discuss logistics regarding this with Jeff Loebel.

4. Rabbi Agreement- David presented the Rabbi with the contract on 5/6/15, and has not received anything back from the Rabbi.
David will follow-up with the Rabbi if he doesn’t hear back from him within the next week.

5.Stained Glass Windows- Barbara came to the meeting to give us an update on the stained glass windows(6), and also had Jeff sign papers accepting these windows as a gift for the Temple. Barbara discussed that there will be a community-wide reception once the windows are installed, and there will be docent information as well as making this an art destination location. Ellen Sklarz will be working on PR events regarding the windows, and the artist-Susan will also be involved. Shatterproof glass will be installed ,and Barbara will set up a meeting with the appropriate people to discuss the stained glass window installation. It was discussed that the windows will be available for dedication, and some of those proceeds will go to the Jewish Museum for payment toward crating and shipping the windows.

6.Allocation Application- The Board approved Margo’s request to the Federation for program allocation.

7.Insurance Premium Approval- The Board accepted the insurance premium, however, this will be revisited once the construction is completed. Jeff will contact Margo to see whether the Torah appraisal, and the stained glass windows, are included in the current insurance policy.

New Business

1. Discuss improved security measures including security system.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:38pm.
Next meeting –June 8 at 7:00pm.

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – June 8,2015
Minutes prepared by Jackie Sherman.

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Weinstein at 7:06pm.

Other Board Members in attendance:
Jackie Sherman
Alan Greenberg
Debby Finley Delamore
Pat Allen

1.It was moved to approve the minutes of the May 11 meeting. The motion was approved unanimously.

2.New Board Members Welcomed- Pat Allen and Deborah Delamore were welcomed by the Board.

3. Chairman to handle the “house”- The Board agreed that someone should be monitoring the Temple as far as maintenance issues, cleaning and gardening services etc. Especially when we will have the facility for rent, everything regarding upkeep must be in order. Alan will contact a few men to see if they are willing to serve as Chairman of the “house,” and form a committee to assist with this responsibility. Yvonne was also suggested as a possibility if we are not able to get a volunteer. It was discussed also whether each Board member should serve on a committee-no decision was reached, and we will discuss this further at the next Board meeting.

4.Cantor for High Holidays- It was discussed whether we should have a Cantor for the High Holidays-the Board agreed this would be a good idea-a student from a Rabbinical school was suggested ,as well as the Cantor Jeff used for his sons Bar Mitzvah. Jeff will make his contact, and Sheila will be asked to look into getting a student from a Rabbinical school in LA.

5. Annual Meeting Date- October 12,2015 at 7:00pm has been set for the Annual Meeting.

6.Construction Update- The stained glass window project , the Bima project and social hall project, are in progress. The plans have been resubmitted on June 1 for the third time, and we are waiting for approval. Once we receive the permit, it should be 3-4 months for construction. The budget for the total building 
project, exclusive of the windows, is $195,000,and we currently have raised $173,000.

7. Improving security of the Facility- This discussion will be tabled until the next Board meeting when Bob will be present.

New Business

1.It was suggested that a Board member be present at each service ,and be responsible for making any announcements to the Congregation.
Jeff will submit announcements to the Board member who has agreed to attend the service.
  The list until the next Board meeting is as follows:
  June 12-Alan
June 19-Debby
June 26-David or Bob
July 3-David or Bob

 2.We are still trying to recruit new Board members-names have been discussed ,and current Board members have agreed to contact these individuals.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.
Next meeting –July 13 at 7:00pm

Jewish Community of Ojai Board of Directors 
Minutes of Meeting July 20, 2015
Respectfully submitted by Pat Allen

Present: Jeff Weinstein, president, Allan Greenberg, Deborah Finley Delamore, Naida and David Cohn, Pat Allen, Bob Birk, Sheila Cohn

Absent: Jackie Sherman

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 P.M.
Minutes of the June 8 meeting were unanimously approved.

TBT Simchat Torah Event: Temple Beth Torah has invited JCO to support an event on October 4, early evening. Debra will check with TBT re: participation, if any financial support is expected. All present supported involvement in principle pending details.

Cleaning of Facility: David Cohn and Sheila Cohn have made a task list for a cleaning person. A motion was passed to approach an individual for the position at $15/hr for approximately 6-8 hours per month. Motion passed.

Chairman of the House: The BOD is seeking a JCO member to take this responsibility as a volunteer.

Security of the Building: David will contact the local police to engage a police presence during all services of the High Holidays as a deterrent for any security problems.
Alan will investigate an interior alarm system and more secure solid core doors.

New BOD Members: Debbie interviewed Irene Hoos who has consented to be a member of the BOD of JCO. A motion was passed to invite Irene to join the BOD. Jeff will call and welcome Irene to the BOD.

New Members: Debbie has met a young woman M.D. who is interested in membership. Her contact info has been passed to the Membership Committee who will contact and welcome her.

Cantor for High Holidays: Casey Solow has been engaged as cantor for the high holidays, all four services. Three donors have covered the cost of her services. Sheila will determine if donors wish to be publically or privately recognized or remain anonymous.

Programs: The BOD viewed the list of programs presented by Margo and Barbara. It was noted that any committee seeking to put on a program needs to submit a budget to the Finance Committee.

Construction Update: An Application for Use of Alternative Materials and Methods has been submitted to Ventura County to obviate the bathroom issue. It is hoped that this will result in final approval so that construction can begin.

New Business: 150 High Holiday prayer books are available for sale and/or for dedication. The books are available through CCAR for $45/per pair, but we are offering them to our members for $36/per pair. Information will be posted on the website.

-Debra made a motion that passed unanimously to have a prayer before the BOD meeting, and she will talk to the Rabbi about an appropriate prayer. 

-Sheila passed out a sheet with tasks for High Holidays and asked BOD members to identify tasks that they can do.

-Alan proposed an identification system for the library that we could provide to all members so that they know what books are there and what the books are about. Plans were tabled for future discussion. A suggestion was made to approach either the youth group or possibly b’nai mitzvah candidates to assist with the process .

-Jeff will email all BOD members regarding attending Friday night services as official JCO representatives.

David asked for permission to use the JCO membership list to invite to the August service. Permission granted.

meeting adjourned at 8:39 P.M.

Next meeting: Monday, August 10, 7:00PM

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – September 21,2015
Minutes prepared by Jackie Sherman.

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Weinstein at 7:05pm.

Board Members in attendance:
Jackie Sherman
Alan Greenberg
Debby Finley Delamore
Pat Allen
Irene Hoos
Naida Cohn
David Cohn
Bob Birk

1.It was moved to approve the minutes of the July 20 meeting. The motion was
approved unanimously. New Board Member Welcomed- Irene Hoos was welcomed by the Board.

2.High Holidays Discussion- 100 people attended Rosh Hashanah eveningservices, and 75 people attended Rosh Hashanah day services. There were 10-12 new attendees to the synagogue. There was discussion to create envelopes for donation that specify areas where donations would be directed-i.e.-education, building fund, social events etc. This will be brought up with the fundraising committee to develop. There was no security at Rosh Hashanah services due to a miscommunication. David will make contact with security to cover us for Yom Kippur services. The full cost of the new prayer books were completely covered including shipping costs. We have 150 sets of books. There still are books that are not dedicated that are available for purchase. The purchase price is $36.00. We currently have 75-77 temple members-last year we had 15 new members, and so far this year we have an additional 6 new members. It was suggested that we put together a fundraising committee with representation from each of the standing committees.

3.Construction Update- Alan presented the construction update-see attached breakdown of costs. We received building permits. Jeff requested that Alan prepare a monthly schedule of building plans with corresponding expenses that are actual expenses quoted from the contractor. We have raised $175k, and we need to know how much of the bridge loan will need to be utilized to complete the project since we are currently over budget. Jeff asked Alan to provide the actual
cost for each line item. It was suggested that we have a presentation from the Finance Committee at our next Board Meeting to review the construction costs. Alan will invite Fred to attend to discuss this information. After reviewing this information, we will have more direction for our fundraising needs.

4.Insurance- Margo has taken care of our insurance needs.

5. Upcoming Program Events- Pat is offering four creative arts Beit Midrash sessions. This has been advertised on the web site, Facebook and through flyers. Rabbi Mike is offering a monthly study group based on the book Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism by Dennis Prager. The class will meet the second Thursday of each month beginning October 8 from 7:00-8:30 at JCO, cost: $36 for all four sessions or $9 to drop in.November 5-Ojai Cares Event-7:00-9:00pm at JCO.

 6. Simchat Torah at TBT –This is scheduled on 10/4 at 5:30pm. All the Congregations in Ventura County have been invited to participate. We will have a sign-up sheet for people to help with food preparation, clean up etc. The sign-up sheet will be available at Yom Kippur services. We will encourage our Temple members to attend.

7. Cleaning, service preparation-Evy Rosen has been hired for cleaning as well as assuming the responsibility to be present for Temple events. She will assume the responsibility for preparing the necessary items and duties for each event. In the case that she is unable to attend an event, she will be responsible for getting a replacement.

8. New Business- David brought up the idea of a Cabaret Fundraising event in
the future which was initiated by Sid Cohn. There was discussion about organizing the books in the library, perhaps by a committee ,or as a Mitzvah project assumed by young adults. There are now 10 students in our Religious School-Ted Malos has been given the work of the Religious School-Sheila Cohn continues to be Chair of the Religious Committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40pm.

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – October 19,2015
written by Jackie Sherman, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Alan Greenberg at 7:04pm (Jeff Weinstein was not in attendance and
requested that Alan chair the meeting).

Board Members in attendance:
Jackie Sherman
Debby Finley Delamore
Pat Allen
Irene Hoos
David Cohn
Bob Birk

Guests in Attendance:
Fred Rothenberg
Ila Rothenberg
John Allen

Approving the minutes was discussed, and the Board agreed that the only way that can be done is for the
Secretary to read the entire minutes first. Instead, the Board agreed that they each had had the
opportunity to modify the minutes shortly after they were written by Jackie. Once everyone had that
opportunity, then in effect, the minutes had been approved.

Fred Rothenberg presented the Long Range Financial Plan (see attached). Fred estimated that there
will be an $8,000 operating loss each year through FYE 2019, at which time our cash balance will be
approximately $54,000. He recommended that a Fund Raising committee be established to attempt to
make up some (or all) of the shortfall, because the Finance committee’s goal is to have enough excess
cash available that is equal to one year’s expenditures, approximately $70,000. He gave the Board his
opinion as to how to assist those members who cannot afford to pay the regular dues. Finally, he
reviewed the protocols for approval of expenditures.

To recap the main procedures, the committee chairs are supposed to present an estimated budget for the
next fiscal year to the Finance committee by March each year if their budget is more than $500. They can
always modify their requests as the next fiscal year progresses. Other than these standard budgets, any
requests for funds exceeding $500 or any request to for fund raising programs or events must be
presented to the Finance committee, but first they must obtain the support of at least 2 Board members.
In all cases, the Finance committee will evaluate all requests and report their recommendations to the
Board for them to make the final decisions.

David agreed to draft a message (for Fred’s review) that advises all committee chairs how they should
submit budget requests to the Finance committee for the next fiscal year.

We discussed the topic of having members include the Temple in their wills and/or trusts. We will revisit the report developed by Margo focusing on these types of bequests.

Since FYE 2014, we have acquired 25 new members, and we currently have 79 members. The records
indicate that we have lost 6 members in that same period.

Facilities Manager-names of members who might serve as a facility manager or co-facility managers,
were discussed. This person or persons would be responsible for renting the facility, negotiating with
prospective renters, and obtaining signed leases, insurance coverage, and payments. They also need to
monitor the events as well as market the space. Alan will consult with the Board of Realtors as they
completely handle the Woman’s Club rentals. Three names of members are also under consideration for
this position. [This entire paragraph is confidential]

Yartzheit-It was discussed that we need to organize a master list of names of the deceased and their
date of death so that these persons can be recognized on their anniversary. David has information that
needs to be formatted in an organized fashion, and Yvonne will be contacted by David to ask for her
assistance with this project. A system needs to be set up, possibly by email, to notify the member of an
upcoming yartzheit so that they will attend the service.

Fundraising Committee- It was suggested that a Fundraising committee be established that will
organize one or more events per year. Some examples are a Super Bowl or Oscar party, in which case it
would also involve the Social committee. It was agreed that each committee be notified to select a
member to attend an initial meeting of this committee, at which time they would elect a chair or co-chairs.
It was the sense of the Board that we will not advise this committee of a specific target amount and if it is
to be one annual event or multiple events. Alan will so notify the committee chairs of this plan.

Stained Glass- We need to raise an additional $5,000 for the stained glass installation, which is to be
accomplished without the JCO coming up with any funding. The total projected cost for the stained glass
project is $13,600. We were informed that it is not necessary for the windows to be able to be opened for
emergency exits. David moved and Jackie seconded that the Board approve the installation of the
windows as long as the project is revenue neutral. Also, this is to be the last project that will be done on
an ad hoc basis. The motion passed unanimously except for an abstention by Bob.

List of Donor Items- A list of donor items is to be developed for dedication and acquisitions. Some
examples are the eternal light, the Tzedakah box, Torah covers, etc. David volunteered to come up with a
proposed list.

JCO Calendar- It was discussed that we need to have a yearly calendar on the web with all events and
holidays. This will be discussed with Fred to see if he can assist with this. This calendar will allow the
access and input of information.

Creative Arts Beit Midrash- Pat reported that the first meeting was successful and there were 6 people
in attendance. The meetings will be on Tuesdays from 2:00-4:00pm. The next meeting is on October 27.

Simchat Torah TBT- It was an excellent event with several hundred people in attendance; seven people
from JCO attended. It is hoped that next year, the Board will make a concerted effort to bring out a much
bigger group from JCO.

Other Business- The issue of the failure of the headset microphone was raised. Alan said that the
technician will provide a higher quality headset.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.
Next meeting –November 16 at 7:00 pm

Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – November 16, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Weinstein at 7:04 P.M.

Board Members in attendance:

Debby Finley Delamore
Pat Allen
Irene Hoos
David Cohn
Bob Birk
Jeff Weinstein
Alan Greenberg

Margo Haas

Debby led the Board in a prayer.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved by the Board.

Old Business:
Margo was in attendance to provide information about various insurance issues. Currently we have 3 policies: Property & Liability, Directors & Officers, and Workers Compensation.
Information was given to the Board about various options for flood insurance. The concept of buying flood insurance was proposed by Naida. After a lengthy discussion, a motion was made by Alan to authorize Margo to commit to flood insurance with the annual premium not to exceed $1,453. Bob seconded the motion, and it passed 6 to 1, Jeff being the one who voted “no”. Margo was directed to get clarification about what items constitute ‘contents’ i.e., how are pews viewed to see if lowering the contents portion of the policy is a wise idea.
Alan described the potential and advantage of installing a French drain in front of the Social Hall. He is to check with the Sewer Department to see if they will allow us to drain directly into our sewer line.

A discussion took place about buying a rider to our existing P & L policy for $325 to insure the full value of our 6 stained glass windows. Margo is going to find out some more details about that. An important issue is whether the windows are insured while they are in transit to and from the repair person’s workshop and while they are in that workshop

A discussion took place about the construction insurance policy purchased in August of 2014. The Board decided that Alan should draft a letter about our concerns to Jeff Berkett and send it to the Board for comments and suggestions.

Alan informed the Board about the status of the renovations project and also provided a projection of the work yet to be completed. There was discussion about the use of a concrete floor as opposed to a vinyl floor, and it was explained that concrete will save us a minimum of $2,000

New Business:

The Board was advised by Alan that the new Fund Raising committee consists of Pat Allen, John Allen, Sheila Cohn, Aryna Swope, and Margo Haas. David Cohn volunteered to join this committee and participate as time permits. Pat will arrange for the first meeting date; it is to be one that all of the members can attend. They will elect their co-chairs at that initial meeting. Additional members from the congregation are welcome to join the Fundraising committee.

The Board was reminded to attend the annual Hanukkah event at the Ojai Valley Inn from 5-6:30 P.M. on December 6th; and they were also reminded to wear their BOD name tags. The Inn conducts a coat drive that evening and all are requested to bring coats to donate.
David is to prepare a letter of thanks and a certificate of appreciation for Ed and Elaine Tennen, who recently moved away to Asheville. 

Jeff has been advised that there are some residents of the Gables who have expressed an interest in attending Friday night services if someone is able to pick them up and return them. The Board expressed a strong interest in taking care of this. Jeff is to confirm that, if we make the arrangements, the residents will definitely participate.

David suggested that a policy be drafted covering the management and use of our facilities. A temporary committee was formed for the specific purpose of drafting the policy; it consists of Irene, Margo, and Chris Drucker. Alan was asked to contact the Board of Realtors to learn more about their program for finding renters for events and managing these events.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 P.M.
Respectfully submitted by:
Alan Greenberg, substituting for Jackie Sherman
Jewish Community of Ojai – Board of Directors
Minutes of Meeting – December 14 ,2015

Written by Jackie Sherman, Secretary

The meeting was called to order by Jeff Weinstein at 7:05pm 

Board Members in attendance:
Jackie Sherman
Debby Finley Delamore
Pat Allen
Irene Hoos
David Cohn

Guests in Attendance:
Margo Haas-Finance Committee

1.Minutes from the November meeting were approved.

2.Finance Committee Highlights- Margo presented the highlights from the Finance Committee. We currently are 45k over budget to complete the project, however, there are a few potential donors that Alan has been working with to make further contributions to the Capital Campaign. We have 70k in the bank, which has remained the same as past bank balances of the Temple. We currently have received no revenue for the use of the Social Hall. This Wednesday night will be a meeting of the Fundraising Committee.

3.JCO Facility Committee Report-(see attached report) Margo discussed the committee report. Some key points from the report were discussed. In the first year, the social hall can be used by members and non-members –there will be no marketing done to encourage persons to use the social hall as a destination event location. Before anything like that is done, we need to seek legal opinion. We do not want to run this as a business venture. The social hall is used Friday nights for the Oneg for members and non-members. If there is a proposed event that will require a larger scale Oneg, this will be discussed on a case to case basis, and perhaps a committee will handle the Oneg. It was discussed that Hebrew School parents participate in the Oneg for their fellow students/families who are in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah class. If a member wishes to use the social hall on Saturday, the fee is waived, for non-members the fee is $495. JCO will provide a hostess for a fee. If alcohol is being served, a security guard must be present. It was discussed that there needs to be a coordinator for events in addition to a hostess. Board members will review the JCO Facility Report, this is not a final report, and there will be modifications after the Board reviews the policy.

4.Volunteer Packet- Debby presented a volunteer packet that had some excellent ideas-this packet will be forwarded to the Social Committee.

5.Bar Mitzvah- it was discussed that more members attend the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs held at the Temple and the Youth Group be required to attend. It was discussed that the attendance should have been greater at this past Saturday’s Bar Mitzvah.

6.Tu’B’Shvat –The Kaplans will host the event at their home on 1/24/16 from 11-1:00pm
7.Social Hall Opening—It was discussed that the Social Committee plan events for the opening of the social hall in March-this will also coincide with the annual meeting. The events will be held throughout the weekend. The Social Committee will continue to plan future events, this is just the first of the events that will be held in the social hall, eventhough the hall will be ready in January for use. Jeff will contact Aryna and invite her to the next Board Meeting to discuss the plans for the Opening Events.

8.Insurance-All is in place with insurance. Margo will present a sexual misconduct policy.

9.Bimah –The Board expresses thanks for the wonderful job done with the Bimah.

10.New Business-Irene agreed to be the Social Action Chair

Thank-you notes need to be sent out by the person in charge of the event to the person/persons who made the event possible. Also, thank-you notes need to be sent out to donors.

The Naida Cohn Memorial Fund has been established for the promotion of community.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.
Next meeting –January 11 at 7:00 pm.
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