Rainy Day Contingency Fund

November 25, 2020

Dear Member of JCO, 

It is, indeed, a sad and frustrating period that we are all going through. It saddens me that we are not able to come to our wonderful sanctuary and social hall to enjoy our services and other activities and be together in friendship and fellowship. 

You will be pleased to know that, despite the fact that we are not at the Temple, the Board of Directors and our Finance committee have been meeting regularly in order to continue to take care of the necessary administrative and financial issues that must be continually handled. 

In that regard, we note that the end of the calendar year is approaching, and this is the time of the year when we turn our attention to our rainy-day Contingency Fund. 

Despite the fact that over the past 2 years our membership fell from 101 to the present 80, we are still able to take care of our normal budget expenses, However, should we have a significant emergency, that is when we will need to turn to this Contingency fund.

We are intent on starting a campaign to attract members, but we cannot execute it while we are still in shut-down mode. The money raised from this appeal will be kept in a separate account with the contingency funds that you have previously contributed. 

Every synagogue we checked with requires each member to make a significant mandatory contribution to their contingency fund. We have never required a mandatory gift from our members, but it is in our collective best interests to continue to nurture such a fund. It is not the Board's intention to require you to contribute, but, of course, they do encourage you to do so.

We are asking you to contribute $200 (or more) during the month of December. If everyone chips in, it will go a long way towards having adequate contingency funds set aside. If you pay this before 2021, it will be fully deductible on your 2020 income tax return, and your contribution will help sustain our facility for years to come.

Please do not wait. Use your credit card. Click on the Donate button.


Alan Greenberg