Rainy Day Contingency Fund
From Alan Greenberg
December 11, 2018

When l became the President, l gave the Board a list of things that l wanted to see accomplished this fiscal year (ending next May). Several accomplishments have been realized, but now I want to tum our attention to establishing a rainy-day Contingency Fund.

The purpose is to have money available for unexpected major expenses. A perfect example of this is the air conditioning systems that will be expensive to replace when any of these units fail. They are on the old side, and they will fail sooner or later.

Every synagogue we checked with requires each member to make a significant mandatory contribution to their contingency fund, We have never done this, but it is definite!y time to establish such a fund. However, the Board does not want to make it a requirement; rather they want it to be voluntary.

We are asking you to contribute $100 or more. If everyone chips in, it will go a long way towards having contingency funds set aside. 
Your contribution will help sustain our facility for years to come.

Please do not set this aside. Please write a check now or use your credit card by clicking on the Donate button shown below. You will be taken to our PayPal site where you can complete your donation. You do not need a PayPal account.

Please act now. We thank you in advance for your support.