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With Hanukkah coming up, parents might be wondering about Jewish holidays and how to teach them to their children. Right now we are offering a class in beginning Hebrew from 3rd grade and up. We run 10 week sessions; our next session will start in January. In addition to teaching reading and writing Hebrew, we are focusing on teaching children Jewish values and holidays. We are also offering B'Nai Mitzvah lessons for those students who are already reading Hebrew and are of the right age (11 and up).

Religious school is open to both members and nonmembers.
Our current classes meet once a week at the temple .

Our teacher, Raphaela Stoneman says:

"I am very excited about our classes. Some of the materials we will be covering are: learning how to read modern Hebrew and prayers, adding to our Hebrew vocabulary and learning about Jewish values and Jewish holidays. My goal is to make sure the students are enjoying themselves and having fun just as much as they are learning."

If you have questions, or are interested in learning more about our Hebrew School or B'Nai Mitzvah classes, please contact us at this website with your contact information.