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Hebrew School

Teacher: Gil Ramot

Ages 5-11

Start date: January 10

Youth will engage in Hebrew language learning, Judaic learning and Havayot (experiences). Our aim is to foster a positive Jewish identity through Jewish learning, language, cultural celebrations and traditions. Our learning will involve the reading and writing of the Hebrew Alef Bet. The 22 basic letters plus final letters will slowly come together to form words and even sentences.

Learning how to read and write in Hebrew is only one part of our Jewish journey. In this Journey, the Jewish holidays and the place that Gil was born and grew up in – The Jewish Homeland: Israel, will come to life. 

Children 4 and under are invited to our monthly youth group where we celebrate Shabbat, Jewish Holidays and culture. We post events on the Temple website.

JCO membership is not required to participate!

Our hope is that youth who participate in JCO offerings will always see themselves as an integral part of the Jewish community, remembering the friendships, ritual, values and warmth they experienced here. 

Hebrew school meets 4-6pm at the JCO on the following dates (every other Friday):

Dates for Session 2 
(session has 6 classes)

Friday, January 10
Friday, January 24
Friday, February 7
Friday, February 21
Friday, March 6
Friday, March 20 

Hebrew School Tuition:
JCO Member Price: $96 per child for Session 2
Non-Member Price: $120 per child for Session 2

Payment for Session 2 is due by January 10th 
Please select Member or Non-member from the drop down menu.
Enter the name(s) of your child(ren) in the Questions or Comments line.
 Then click on Add to Cart  to pay.via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account.​

Prices include all teachers, books, materials, snacks, and classes.

Refund Policy
A full refund of student fees already paid will be given to any family that withdraws from the JCO Hebrew School prior to January 10.
  We must receive written documentation of the withdrawal.
We cannot pro-rate sessions 

Hebrew School Regis.
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