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Hanukkah Stars

by Web Guy on 10/06/21

My beloved Jewish friend from Temple Beth Torah makes these three dimensional Hanukkah stars - decorate as you wish!
Call Marlayne B. @ (805) 276-6484
Shalom, Laurel Felice

For rent

by Web Guy on 09/27/21

As you know, I came to New Zealand for the birth of my 2nd grandchild in Feb 2020 and have been stranded here for the past 19 months. I won't be able to get home until December.

If you or anyone trustworthy that you know personally is in need of a temporary, furnished place to rent for a couple of  months please let me know.

My house is 1600 sq ft, 2 bd., 2 ba, 3 patios, nicely furnished, full of my personal belongings, and has a beautiful view over the Vta River bottom to the mountains beyond.  

I never in my wildest dreams expected to be gone for so long, so it's not set up as a rental, though a few people have stayed there. 

My guest bedroom, closet and bathroom, half the kitchen and half the carport are available and comfortable for someone to stay there.

All the linen, kitchen equipment, dishes, pots, mop, vacuum, furnace, A/C, W/D and everything anyone could need is there.

The yard and plants have been watered and tended. 

There is a brand new refrigerator and new back fence. 
I turned off my hot tub, internet, phone and WiFi when I left. 

Since it has all my personal belongings in it, I can only let trusted family, friends and their trustworthy family or close friends stay there.... for less than half its rental value. 

$1100 /mo for one person and more for 2 for increased wear and tear, utilities, etc.  

There's room for only one car.  A second car would have to be parked out on Rice Road. 

Please email me if you're interested.

Sylvia Raz at Ojai Art Center

by Web Guy on 09/15/21

Showing at the Museum of Art, Ojai. As part of the exhibition Towards the Light. Until October 9th. A journalistic art work by Sylvia Raz.

You can see some of Sylvia's work by clicking here...

Sylvis Raz invites you...

by Web Guy on 08/25/21

Sylvia would like you to know more about her, her art and feminism.

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