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Remembering those less fortunate

by Web Guy on 04/15/19

From Rabbi Michael Lerner and offered by our member, Rachel Pratt.

We invite Jews doing a Passover Seder and Christians having a celebratory Easter dinner to consider adding shoelaces on our Seder Plate or Easter dinner table--to recall the fate of refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers.

I'm inviting non-Jews to use this same symbol as a way of generating discussions at your meals this coming weekend about what the U.S. is doing to some of the most vulnerable and  powerless people on the planet.

Today many of us in the Jewish world recognize that WE are all descendants from refugees and asylum seekers. Indeed, the Seder guide book, the Haggadah, begins the "telling of the story" of our suffering under Pharoah by recounting that our ancestors were refugees when they came to Egypt, only to eventually be enslaved there. We invite our non-Jewish allies to also identify with their own ancestors who were surely refugees at one point in their lives, particularly those whose ancestorss came as refugees or asylum seekers to the United States where a more generous and caring attitude prevailed every once in a while in US history .- Rabbi Michael Lerner . Editor, Tikkun   

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