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Here's someone who can do your grocery shopping

by Web Guy on 04/12/20

From Jim Richman...

Ping Warner is living with us and is taking care of Barb.  She has now been laid off from her day job and needs to find some cash flow.  Ping is going to Vons and Westridge to do grocery shopping for me and Barb.  Since Barb cannot be infected with anything and to protect herself and everyone, Ping uses sterile gloves, mask and social distancing whenever she shops.  If you need someone to shop for you, Ping would be delighted to help.  You can give her your shopping list and credit card information (or a check) and she will do the shopping. She charges a minimum of $6 or 5% of the total shopping list cost, whichever is greater. If you choose to use Ping, you will be doing a very nice favor for Barb and me, since this will help keep Ping here at our home and helping Barb.  Ping is completely reliable and discreet.


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