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Invitation from Michael Eisenberg

by Web Guy on 01/21/22

Hello all.  I'm Michael Eisenberg.  

Myself, my amazing Rebbetzin Rivkah and our five kids (Elie, Estie, Srulie, Surie & Goldie) have just made Rancho Matilija our second home!  We live in Hancock Park most of the time and just finished remodeling a really fun vacay house.  

We regularly host lots of gorgeous Jews in Ojai on Friday nights where local Ojaians can experience a real, old school, "heimish" Shabbos meal with homemade challah and many fantastic courses and the best kosher wines out there.  Price - FREE!  And don't worry; we don't gain weight on Shabbos since we acquire a second neshama (soul)!  

Private email/text me if you want an amazing Shabbos experience! or cell: 323 445-0558.

Looking forward to meeting all you homies!

Michael B. Eisenberg

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