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Richard Kline has some thoughts about the Temple

by Web Guy on 02/14/18

I am Richard Kline and I have been a member of this Temple for a year and a half and I am a beekeeper. I attended the meeting last night. The issue is not, and never has been the bylaws. The bylaws conflicts are simply a manifestation of the suffering of the Collective Soul of this Temple and it’s petty power struggles. Harvard law school was well represented but I gave them no entry because none of their learned offerings about quorums moved my Soul. With the exception of the opening prayer, not much moved my Soul last night, including the mostly empty Temple.

I humbly suggest, prior to our next meeting, that each of us type into our computers Sounds of Silence Official Music Video. Just drop your ears down to your hearts and open your eyes and Soul to the images on the screen. Then ask your own Soul, “What is the Soul of the our Temple suffering?!” I’m not even suggesting that I have any idea what will come up for any of you. If may be gold or it may be Hell but I trust it, and I trust each of you. I believe all lies in jest until we do so. Thank you for listening.

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1. Sharon West MD said on 2/24/18 - 07:52AM
What a powerful statement. You have reached in for the pulse of the Temple. I will follow your recommendation and listen, and maybe hear. Thank you.
2. Sharon West MD said on 3/1/18 - 01:40PM
Hi, Richard, you make cogent and pertinent comments about the meeting. I, for one, can improve on my listening and participation skills when in a large group such as the one at this past Board Meeting. I was very nervous, not because of addressing the group, but because of the time constraint of 3 minutes. Fortunately for me, most of the members present received a written copy of my statements. Please continue to attend as many Board Meetings as possible (they are open to members), as your input here is very valuable. Shalom, Sharon
3. Sharon West MD said on 3/10/18 - 08:14AM
Richard, you put your finger on the pulse of the JCO. Thank you for your comments. Sharon
4. Gaelle Lehrer Kennedy said on 4/16/18 - 11:29AM
Dear Richard, I share you feelings, and painful frustration. A temple without a soul.... Gaelle

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