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Sylvia Raz Art Exhibit

by Web Guy on 10/13/20

Dear friends: hoping you are doing well during these eerie times. We are trying our best to cope with Quarantine and ALL the rest. The trees look decimated after the heat waves, Rupert the Bear keeps with his nightly visits, Lalo the Peacock is very happy; he came one day unannounced and asked to open the coop's gate, and came in to stay. And our elderly chickens are on a strike. No eggs.
Thank goodness I can still work on my art. It is my therapy and my Salvation.

The Ojai Valley Museum is having a virtual exhibition: OSA Insights 2020. They will show the physical works once they are allowed to open to the public. I am showing this life size hand knitted Self Portrait: "Me in Quarantine, Before my Hair Turned White". Read my statement at the Museum's exhibition.

Missing you all, and wishing you the best. Keep healthy and keep hope. We shall survive! Loving all of you, Sylvia 

To visit the online exhibit go to  and then click on Insights 20/20

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