Using the Bulletin Board
This Member Bulletin Board is intended for Temple members only.

You may use it to post messages concerning upcoming events, personal needs, items for sale, birthdays, anniversaries, comments about temple life...just about anything within reason.

All postings should be no longer than 150 words and be submitted via e-mail to this website  where it will be reviewed by the webmaster before the posting appears, and edited if needed.  You may attach an image that is no larger than 300 pixels on its longest side.  You can also supply a URL link to another website.

You may also comment on the postings of others by using the "Comments" feature available at the end of each posting.  Your comments will also be reviewed and edited as needed.

All postings and comments must contain the name of the submitter.

Because of the review process, the appearance of postings and comments may be delayed in appearing on the website.

In order to maintain currency, items will generally be removed from the website about two weeks after the date of posting.

Please click here to submit your information.