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November 23, 2015

We are now well into the creation of the Social Hall. These renderings were shown to the congregation during our Hard Hats event in August of last year. The finished product will very closely physically resemble what is shown here with the following exceptions. There will be almost no blue color in the room; the finishes can best be described as neutral. The wainscoting (dark blue) is an acoustic carpeting often used in movie theaters. It is a neutral medium beige color. The floor will be light beige colored concrete. The regular stackable chairs will be brown fabric with copper color steel frames. The walls will be painted a light color. 

The countertops will be an amalgam of beige and brown elements that resemble a Terrazzo pattern. The kitchen cabinets are a neutral beige solid color. The appliances and sink are stainless steel. The casual furniture in the 2nd photo has not been determined yet. With any luck, the project will be finished by the middle of January. 

We decided not to spend the money to re-do the renderings.
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Holes for new doors
New doors being installed
Inside social hall
Cabinets delivered
New artwork on wall behind the ark