Message from Alan Greenberg
Board Meetings

Please come to our Board meetings. We would love to hear your opinions on Temple matters. If convenient, email or call me first to give me a hint as to what you would like to talk about. My contact info is right above this message. The meetings take place at 6:30 pm on the 2nd Monday of each month.

​Dear Members of the JCO:

Shabbat Under the Stars at Valerie's and my home last month was very well-attended, and those present truly enjoyed it. Close to 50 people attended, the Rabbi conducted a beautiful service, and as usual, there was plenty of good food and drink.

The High Holidays are fast approaching, with Rosh Hashanah eve services on the evening of Labor Day. The Security committee has been hard at work to make sure that we are well-protected. For obvious security reasons, I cannot explain here all of the security measures that are in place, both permanenetly within our facility and specifically for these High Holidays. If you would like a personal explanation, please call me. 

For those who are not aware, we have initiated a very special and unique program that has now been underway for the past month. It consists of small dinners in members' homes following every Shabbat service that is led by Rabbi Lisa. The Rabbi will be at every one of these dinners, the purpose of which is to give her an opportunity to get to know the members on a much more personal level, and vice versa.

There is a large list of members that will be invited over the next several months to attend a dinner; I hope that, when invited, you will take advantage of this opportunity and graciously accept the invitation.

I also encourage you to attend our regular Friday evening Shabbat services. Generally, after the Oneg, a group of members go to a local restaurant. Feel free to join in the fun and friendship and come out with us after the Oneg. If you are planning to do so, send a quick email to Sheila to let her know………

We are also considering to have a pot luck once every month. Stay tuned for further information about this.

Shalom, Alan

P.S. Call me at 214-842-2996 if you have any thoughts you wish to share with me.
  You can also email me at