Message from Alan Greenberg
Board Meetings

Please come to our Board meetings. We would love to hear your opinions on Temple matters. If convenient, email or call me first to give me a hint as to what you would like to talk about. My contact info is right above this message. The meetings take place at 6:30 pm on the 2nd Monday of each month.

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Dear Members of the JCO:

First and foremost, I am asking you to look at the 2 emails that you received to invite you to our FREE Welcome Back party. They were sent on the mornings of May 29th and June 6th. Please respond to this now. 

We are putting a lot of effort into this party and need to know how many to plan for.

Please do not worry about the virus. We are opening the 2 big pairs of 8 feet wide doors like we have done for the Passover Seder. There will be a lot of seating outside. The fabulous hors d'oeuvres will be passed directly to you by waiters. Only you will touch these delicious morsels. Wine and other drinks will be offered.

So far, we have had 6 in-person Shabbat services. The attendance started out strong but has diminished over time. Please consider coming to our beautiful sanctuary on Friday at 6 pm. 

Thanks must go to Rick Bloom and Larry Steingold for their outstanding assistance. Rick has set up a permanent Zoom arrangement for the services. Starting last week, the link will be the same every week, so if you have that, you do not have to look again if you keep a record of it. Or look at any Wednesday Blast for the permanent link. 

The Rabbi and Sheila will feel much better if there are a reasonable amount of people in the Sanctuary, as it will give them a sense of satisfaction to know that their preparation and efforts are appreciated. They deserve this.

At the Annual Meeting, we installed our 3 new Board members. They are Stephanie Goldie, Leah Hecker, and Ira Levin. We are very pleased to have them on our new Board of Directors. Leaving the Board after 2 years of excellent service is Cecilia Starin.



P.S. Call me at 214-842-2996 if you have any thoughts you wish to share with me

You can also email me at