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Please come to our Board meetings. We would love to hear your opinions on Temple matters. If convenient, email or call me first to give me a hint as to what you would like to talk about. My contact info is right above this message. The meetings take place at 6:30 pm on the 2nd Monday of each month.

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November 14, 2018

SUBJECTS: Bylaws fully adopted by the BOD, new furniture in Social Hall, Memorial services for Bob & Bea Birk’s son and also for the Pittsburgh Jews, 2 upcoming events, 21 new members since June.

In my message to you last month, I explained the entire process that led up to the adoption of a new set of Bylaws. The principal change was to grant the right to vote to the general membership on all important matters. At our Board meeting 2 days ago, after receiving the blessing of outside counsel as to the conformity of our Bylaws with California law, the Board unanimously voted to adopt the 

I want to take this opportunity to thank the 3 members of the Bylaws committee…….our Vice 
President Tony Hirsch, who chaired this committee, David Cohn, who managed the bulk of the 
drafting, and Jim Richman, who so generously offered to have one of his law partners review the 
final version and render his opinions. 

At this same meeting, the Board approved a request by the Facilities committee to purchase a 
complete set of new furniture for the Social Hall. This will provide casual and comfortable seating for January, and I am sure you will find this to be a welcome addition to the Social Hall. The funding for this was provided by a very small group of generous donors.

Rabbi Lisa led our memorial service a few weeks ago which honored the Pittsburgh victims. It was a truly moving service, and she did a beautiful job of conducting the service. Over 100 people were
in attendance including many non-Jews, non-members, and even our town’s mayor. 

Last evening, Rabbi Lotker returned for the sad memorial service for Bea and Bob Birk’s son, 
Richard. There was a very large turnout with many people from out-of-town attending including one of the original founder of our Temple, David Feigin. It was a very solemn service. Following the service, a bountiful amount of food and drink was enjoyed by all. As I was observing this activity in our Social Hall, I could not help but think how we would have been able to hold such a nice reception like this in 

On a lighter note, the next social event is a Karaoke night at 7:30 pm this Saturday, November 17th. This is going to be a really fun evening, and it will be topped off with a birthday celebration for 2 members of the Social committee and a spouse of a 3rd member. This is free to all; so come on out and sing or just enjoy hearing others sing.

The Program committee hosted a Dreams Roundtable discussion in early October. Led by Richard Kline, the 6 others who attended decided at the end of the session that they wanted to do it again. Various aspects of dreaming were discussed such as how to remember your dreams, and does dreaming enhance the quality of one’s sleep, etc. The next session will be at 7 pm on December 5th.

I am so very pleased to advise you that since the beginning of our fiscal year in June, we have 21 new members!! This is obviously great news and much of the credit has to go to the Membership committee chaired by Larry Steingold.

Feel free to contact any of your new Board members if you have a question or a comment. Here is a list for your convenience. To send an e-mail, please click on the Board member's name.

                                                     Cell Phone              Home Phone       How Late to Call 

Alan Greenberg, President           214-842-2996         805-646-1211               11:00 pm
Tony Hirsch, Vice President         805-570-0413          805-640-8398                  9:00
Sharon West , Secretary              301-661-1466          none                              10:00
Andrew Snett, Treasurer              805-723-4100          805-640-0352                  9:30
Sheila Cohn                                 805-794-0115           805-640-8878                  8:00 
Debby F. Delamore                      805-746-0439           none                                5:00
John Gottesman                          805-320-8453           none                                9:30
John Owens                                private                       805-500-5415                 8:00
Miriam Rosen                              805-798-4010           805-640-8789                 8:30
Jackie Sherman                          805-798-2136           none                               8:00
Larry Steingold                           401-529-3829            none                             10:30