JCO Security Procedures

Stay Alert and Respond Immediately

Each of us is the eyes and ears of our congregation; we should be ever-diligent and observant and report anything that appears out of place. If you encounter a suspicious situation and evaluate it as seriously concerning, immediately CALL 911.

Securing the Doors:

1. The doors to the building should be closed at all times. 

2. If doors are left unlocked during entry and egress to the building during services or events, a door monitor should be present at all times.

A) Unless assigned otherwise, the board member (or his/her designee) responsible for opening and closing the building for services will serve as door monitor.
B) Unless assigned otherwise, the JCO member (or his/her designee) hosting or attending an event will serve as door monitor.

3. Doors should be left unlocked per #2 for no more than 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the beginning of services or events.

4. A door monitor should remain at or near the door to allow entry to latecomers, who will be required to knock to gain access to the building.