Social Action

The 2017 Ojai Valley Winter Shelter Program

The Ojai Valley Winter Shelter is manned by us on the first Monday of each month, December through March. 

It is truly amazing what can be done for those less fortunate when we work together as a group.

If you want to volunteer, please contact me so I can schedule you in.  

John Gottesman


Join our Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee was formed to create projects that benefit the general community and to participate in ongoing social action projects led by other local groups. Along with active project participation we plan to add an educational component to inform the congregation about the teachings of Judaism as they relate to social justice and action. For more information, please send an email to Howard Hoos 

Our first outing for 2017-18 was Monday December 4th and we had a full staff. Michael Shapiro brought fruit and vegetable platters, Patty Gritlefeld brought salad and rolls, Evy Rosen baked deserts , Howard Hoos brought Vegetarian Lasagna and my wife Suria supplied the main dish of Macaroni and Meat.

We all stepped outside to view the super moon and were surprised by a red glow and fire engines but I don’t think it dawned on anyone that a full blown brush fire was in progress.

Next serving is New Year’s Day and we have a full complement of helpers, including our President Lynne and her husband Jerry.

John Gottesman

January 1, 2018

"“Tikkun olam” in Hebrew means repair the world .
The Jewish Community of Ojai believes that they bear responsibility not only for their own moral, spiritual, and material welfare, but also for the welfare of society at large.

Thats why these volunteers spent the first night of the New Year serving our guests cream chicken with carrots over mashed potatoes, veggies, salad, rolls, enchiladas, rice and beans! And matzo ball soup for good measure.
What a great way to kick off 2018!"

Thanks to Michael Shapiro for his fruit and vegetable plates, Evy Rosen for her scrumptious deserts and preparing lunches and cleanup, my wife Suria for her main dish and me for the Matzoball Soup. Patti Gritlefeld was unable to attend but she was there in spirit. Get well soon!

A special thanks goes out to our Temple President Lynne Goldfarb and her husband Jerry Hittleman who supplied the vegetarian entrees and general help in procuring more food and cleanup.

It was an honor to have our President with us and we all owe her a debt of gratitude for everything she did for our community during the Fire. She and her husband are true Tzaddik.



Our third serving for the Homeless shelter was another great success. 

Our dedicated volunteers fed 25 guests with Michael Shapiro starting off with vegetable trays and Adamm Gritlefeld stood in for his wife Patti with salad and rolls and assisting making lunch bags and clean up.

Evy Rosen also assisted with lunchbags and clean up along with her delicious deserts. My wife Suria served and made the main dish while I made the matzo ball soup. Our President Lynne and her husband Jerry couldn’t attend due to an out of town engagement but generously donated vegetarian Pizzas from Ojai Pizza which raised a lot of eyebrows among the guests who commented on what a treat that was.


​March 5, 2018

We had a goodly amount of guests to serve for our last outing of this season. 26 overnight guest 7 more just for dinner.

We served fruit and vegetable platters, vegetarian lasagna, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, salad, rolls, Matzo ball soup ,Brownies and cookies for dessert.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this program. It is a continued honor and pleasure to manage this mitzvah for our Temple.

Special Thanks to Michael Shapiro, Patty and Adamm Gritlefeld, my wife Suria, Evy Rosen, Lynne Goldfarb and Jerry Hittleman and Howard Hoos for being on the front line.

As important is those of you who contribute monetarily to this program. Thankyou all for another successful year.