Todah Rabah!

Todah Rabah...Thank You!

This page is meant to recognize the efforts of Temple and community members. We want to thank and inform others about what these people have done to help and support the Temple.

But nothing will appear here unless you send it to us.

Just e-mail us a note with their names and a brief description of what they've done that goes beyond the call of duty. We will post it here without identifying you.  Your thank you note will remain on this page for about a month.

So go ahead send us a note.​  It's a mitzvah!

March 4, 2021

Congratulations go to Fred Rothenberg for his tireless dedication to bringing the JCO news to all of our members. Fred edits our “Blast,” receiving information from members and publishing it weekly. In the Blast he also publishes the Board of Directors minutes monthly, and schedules of upcoming events. Fred is chairman of the Finance committee (and has been for over 10 years) and as such keeps the JCO Board apprised of our financial situation and upcoming expenses, often making recommendations regarding petitions. He is an indispensable asset to JCO.
May 18, 2021

Full compliments to Alan Greenberg, President of the JCO Board of Directors. Alan has been a tireless leader, and more importantly, he is constantly identifying tasks that are improvements to the Temple and community. Alan has dedicated time and finances to many improvements. He has insured that the landscaping of the Temple is kept in perfect order, even the needed replacement of a tree. Some other completed tasks include: addition of two new stained glass windows by Susan Stinsmuehlen-Amend; addition of new lamps in the Sanctuary; painting stripes on the left side parking lot; upgrades to front parking lot and entries; assuring that the Sanctuary and Social Hall are regularly cleaned; participating in the preparation of brochures describing JCO; and overseeing all business requirements of managing the Temple. Todah Rabah to Alan!
September 3, 2021

I would like to commend Sandy Grotsky for Todah Rabah!
Sandy is co-chair if the Publicity Committee. She is always attentive to the schedule of JCO, and publishes our activities on social media, including all special events. Her work greatly contributes to the feeling of community that permeates our organization. As part of her many contributions, Sandy was one of three creators of the new brochure describing our temple. With her computer savvy she placed all the photos on the brochure, and helped edit the copy. Sandy generously offers her skills to the Jewish Community of Ojai, and goes out of her way to assure that our published material is accurate and visually appealing. Thank you, Sandy!