Todah Rabah!

Todah Rabah...Thank You!

This page is meant to recognize the efforts of Temple and community members. We want to thank and inform others about what these people have done to help and support the Temple.

But nothing will appear here unless you send it to us.

Just e-mail us a note with their names and a brief description of what they've done that goes beyond the call of duty. We will post it here without identifying you.  Your thank you note will remain on this page for about a month.

So go ahead send us a note.​  It's a mitzvah!

January, 2021

Todah Rabah! to Leah Hecker for her dedication to Feeding the Homeless in the name of JCO. Not only does she bring hot meals already set up for individual service, they are reported to be very tasty. Thanks to your generosity, culinary talents, and cheerfulness!
January, 2021

The Board has authorized the creation of a publicity brochure to be distributed throughout Ojai that describes who we are and what we can offer. This tri-fold has now been completed and is ready to be printed. Sandy Grotsky has done an amazing job of laying out the text and photos on her computer. This was a difficult assignment, and Sandy has met every challenge with persistence and skill. A great deal of recognition is also due to Sharon West who wrote the text for this brochure. She created all of the text out of thin air, and her creativity and imagination is quite evident.
January, 2021

Many thanks are due to Leah Hecker for the work she has done to provide meals to the homeless. For our December and January obligations, Leah has, by herself, cooked and delivered the required number of meals to the Grange Hall. Thank you so much, Leah.
February 9, 2021

Much appreciation to Leah Hecker and her son Noah for reaching out and feeding the homeless on behalf of JCO. This mitzvah is recognized with heartfelt thanks.

March 4, 2021

Congratulations go to Fred Rothenberg for his tireless dedication to bringing the JCO news to all of our members. Fred edits our “Blast,” receiving information from members and publishing it weekly. In the Blast he also publishes the Board of Directors minutes monthly, and schedules of upcoming events. Fred is chairman of the Finance committee (and has been for over 10 years) and as such keeps the JCO Board apprised of our financial situation and upcoming expenses, often making recommendations regarding petitions. He is an indispensable asset to JCO.