Todah Rabah!

Todah Rabah...Thank You!

This page is meant to recognize the efforts of Temple and community members. We want to thank and inform others about what these people have done to help and support the Temple.

But nothing will appear here unless you send it to us.

Just e-mail us a note with their names and a brief description of what they've done that goes beyond the call of duty. We will post it here without identifying you.  Your thank you note will remain on this page for about a month.

So go ahead send us a note.​  It's a mitzvah!

The Community thanks the following...
February 28, 2018

I would like to nominate Sheila Cohn for Todah Rabah. 
For every time that I have been to Temple, and I attend regularly, when Rabbi Lotker is not there, Sheila Cohn has led the Shabbat service. Sheila spends time preparing; picking out prayers, deciding which she will read, which ones will be read responsively, and which ones alternate members of the congregation will read. She always has something prepared for a talk. And of course she canvasses everyone for those in need of prayer, yahrzeits, and announcements. She always has a greeting and smile for both members (she knows them all) and any newcomers or visitors. In addition to leading Shabbat services, Sheila leads a walking group for an hour on Thursday mornings at 8;00. She volunteers to lead tasks such as preparing for the Seder, helping with the weekly Oneg, and any of JCO's many holidays. Members look to her for guidance and leadership. Sheila Cohn does an outstanding, dependable, and unpaid mitzvah for the Jewish Community of Ojai. She is worthy of this gratitude.

It is obvious that Sheila's very giving performance is guided by her love for Judaism, for the Jewish Community of Ojai, and for the entire Nation of Israel.