Todah Rabah!

Todah Rabah...Thank You!

This page is meant to recognize the efforts of Temple and community members. We want to thank and inform others about what these people have done to help and support the Temple.

But nothing will appear here unless you send it to us.

Just e-mail us a note with their names and a brief description of what they've done that goes beyond the call of duty. We will post it here without identifying you.  Your thank you note will remain on this page for about a month.

So go ahead send us a note.​  It's a mitzvah!

The Community thanks the following...
August 3, 2018

Although she goes about her business in a very quiet and unassuming way, I have noticed how much Sharon West does for our JCO. First of all, she is our new Board Secretary and is also the Chair of the Publicity committee. She has contributed greatly to the continuity and success of our weekly Oneg Shabbat. And recently she was seen literally on her hands and knees scrubbing the bathroom floor adjacent to the Social Hall.
September 22, 2018

Sheila Cohn deserves special praise for coordinating the High Holy Days events. She created a list of tasks and then procured volunteers for them. She sang in the choir, which requires dedicated time for practicing. From the beginning of Rosh Hashanah until the Ne’ila of Yom Kippur, everything went smoothly. It was surely a full time job, and Sheila has a “day job!” Her dedication to the JCO is remarkable: she has served as a board member intermittently for many years, including being the president; she leads our Friday services whenever the Rabbi is not present; she supervises the onegs; she communicates with our members, including sending out personal notes from JCO when a family member has died; and she is always there to warmly greet members and visitors. She does all these things (and more) warmly and with grace. She is indeed the backbone of JCO. Thank you, Sheila.
September 22, 2018

Dear Rabbi:

We have been so fortunate to have you for five years in Ojai. Listening to the Yom Kippur discussion, I realized why you fit so well in Ojai and with me especially. It has to do with largeness of heart and spirit. An inclusion rather than exclusion, the ability to embrace all faiths and to allow people to discover for themselves what truth is. This is rare in religions that prides themselves on what they know rather than what they can discover and expecting others to believe as they do with nary a questionable spirit allowed.

Thank you for being. Thank God for allowing us to see what love is as you mirror it. Thank you for opening wide the gates to a global loving of God, for helping us stretch beyond the narrow confines of our opinions to seek a higher truth. You have changed the face of our synagogue and made it sturdier, healthier and wiser. Blessings be to your new adventures